Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another one bites the dust!!!

You don’t wake up one day and say: "I apologize for the transgressions of the heart" with a full family in the background- a caring wife, and two amazing kids. Yes, this is about Tiger Woods.
Sadly the list of these icons showing there "human" side is endless. It could be Andrea Agassi (To whom I say- why now, were your endorsement deals running out, that you did this for shock factor!), Michael Phelps (To whom I say- You are a kid, and it natural to get carried away. I applaud your courage and your honesty! but...) and the latest Tiger Woods (To whom I say- Are you accepting to the tabloid rumors, are you confessing, are you apologizing, are you sorry? The statement is way to general. It will keep the mills churning for more dirt!). And yes the list of these icons faltering publicly is endless...

I know people are not perfect; it’s their life not mine, their problems not mine. And by no means i have the right to judge another one. I am sure they have a logical explanation, and they dont owe me one. But then there is something about these role models- these icons that get me all riled up.

Kids, youth, us, older generation, everyone look upto these achievers, the people with stature. They give all the hope, the courage to endure, to continue on, to enjoy, to cherish, to conquer, to win and loose with grace.
These achievers are iconic. Yes they are. They are who they are and where they with bucket load of sweat, tears of blood and a struggle! Their stories of success inspire.
But I also know these icons are human, they are normal people with extraordinary achievements. They will make mistakes like any of us. It could be a spur of the moment thing with them, a long habit which took a while for tabloids to expose or just a transgression of the heart!

I debate in my head, but I still feel bad when I see another icon bite the dust!


Lakshmi said...

When people get famous, their negatives gets talked about more. It is a lot of pressure on them. It is sad to see them err, but then like you say it is their "human" side.

GNSD said...

You are right, for a famous person, there is always more talk about the grey side than their positive side.
It comes with their domain i guess.
I am sure it affects them, but they did sign up for it!

Oh well, needless to say, i am glued onto the "What next" of Tiger Woods married life ... much more that what other tournament he is featuring in!