Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple pleasures of life

We met a couple of our friends the week before; they asked us what’s your plan for the coming weekend.. i said: Nothing at all. That’s exactly what we did... nothing. And it felt great. :-D
Besides some impending chores and social visits... I did nothing!
Well.. May be something- i read a book. You might be wondering what’s to special about that!! Well, for me... I forgot the pleasures and the mental peace of reading a good book. I think its been almost three years, since i have read a book. The- What to expect, Baby Bargains, 3 little pigs etc... Just doesn't cut it!

SD and I were avid readers. We both would love to read in the nights, in the lazy afternoons and the lovely outdoors. Our tastes in books could not be any more different.. but our love for reading was on the same page. We would pack our bags for a trip in a jiffy but choosing a book for the trip would take us a while. I remember our trip to Sunny Sedona. SD and I were on the poolside in a gorgeous resort. All we did the entire afternoon was read, nap and then read some more and if it got too warm, we'd swim a lap and then come back to the book! Of course we had a basket of greasy fries and an iced coffee to carry us through the afternoon ;-)
Earlier, my roomie and I would spend hours reading. We have even read once at our pedicures. While she would willingly re-read her Harry Potters, i would pull her along to get some new ones for me!
But I somehow let the lovely habit slip by. SD has somehow managed to continue reading through the years. He has been encouraging me to get back to the books... but well i admit it, i have been slacking!
But this weekend, in the midst of doing nothing....i rediscovered the joys of reading.
I was just so excited about completing my book, every minute that i could possibly get, i read! Till 2 in the morning.. and then again while V enjoyed her siesta.....i continued with my book. The game for once was in the background. Aah!!!I was totally relaxed!
Honestly, the book was not even that great. but still i was engaged. I could sense the author's urge of having the book converted into a movie... It had the right elements of thrill and twists. But still, i enjoyed it.
And yes, by doing nothing.. and still getting a lot done ... i am refreshed. >> Totally and wonderfully!
Books... i am back! All recommendations welcome for a good read!


Lakshmi said...

Glad that you found time to read! I can imagine the fun you had reading and swimming and relaxing.

I have been slacking too, but still strive to catch some reading late night. It is always getting the book that takes time. Once it makes it home, I will somehow read it.

GNSD said...

I know what you mean.. the choice of books is always longer!
I am glad you do read on and off... i am now almost ready to start with my second book now!!! Yeah... getting my groove bak.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

That's awesome so glad you are getting back into the groove of the midst of professional work, household chores and social responsibilities, it's very easy for this enchanting habit of reading to gradually ebb out, without the 'once voracious reader' even realizing it...but then it's one habit that I feel all of us should cherish and nourish over the of the simpler pleasures of life that can fill up a weekend with new dreams and perspectives without really having to do anything at all (like you say)...Happy reading... !

GNSD said...

Priyanka... Agreed...a nd you definitely put it in much more beautifuly than i imagined it in my head... you should write often... i miss your blog!