Thursday, December 17, 2009

Turnign 50!

Hell no.. i am not... of course not.. there is a long long long time for that... but my sweet blog is turning 50... 50 posts old.... with this post!

You know i believe in the words: "It's a start"!!! as much as I do in "Life is Good!". Its the name of my blog for crying it loud. And I chose this name after I kept drawing a blank on what to call it..or how to start writing. I admit I had been wanting to this for a while... and every time would come at choosing a name.. I’d draw a blank. I wanted it to be catchy, to relatable, to be intelligent.. and yes to be cute, peppy , cheerful, funny and all other possible adjectives. But i couldn’t figure it out. I landed on: It's a start.. Thinking could procrastinate as long as i wanted to... i knew.. Without starting I’d actually never start. Hence the justifications of the lovely name of the blog roll!!!
And may be i was right.. since here 50 posts later... It's a start!
I write.. more correctly blog.. because i enjoy it. I can count the handful of friends who read this space. And yes, I pretty much do bully my family in reading and commenting on the same. Come on, who doesn't like waking up one morning.. and seeing more than one comment on the blog! Hehe. I have met wonderful people through the blogosphere, connected and re-connected with friends. Learned new aspects of people, shared common ideologies, argued a bit and yes I have learned a few new things about myself as well!
For me- It’s a start still stands true. Its a start- to what i dont know.. but just to something that i enjoy doing. This blog is more generic.. more of whatever comes to my mind... more of me, my thoughts and my observations (Gawd.. i am self obsessive!) ;-)
Hopefully the few people who do read it (After enough arm twisting) enjoy it as well.... if not all of the posts.. just some!
And yes, i am one of those who would shamelessly bring the blog up in conversations,.. just to peck friends curiosity in reading it. I would FB about blogging... and then poor SD.. ask him 5 minutes after i post: "Have you read it yet!"
Of course, my other blog is more specific and its about my experiences and transition from being a carefree (borderline careless), relaxed (borderline lazy) and chilled out person to a mother... Yes.. i am still all of the above.. but the other blog describes my transition into a mom!
But this blog.. remains my starting point. I know.. some day it will take its form and become purposeful and be directed... But for now, i am content at letting this blog be as it is! ;-)
And i am happy at turning 50 posts old!!! Come on that's half century... and coming from the land where cricket is worshipped.... at half century..... you'd be cheering and jumping up and down by now!
I am content by just grinning cheek to cheek!


Lakshmi said...

Congratulations Garima :) I share similar sentiments about blogging. Am so glad to know you from the working moms site, even though now I don't go there much these days, it was a good start to know you.

Best wishes on more blogs to come.

Harsh Nahar said...

Congrats!!! Seems like you have no work. :) But to me you pretend to be super busy. :)

Good going.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Congratulations girl !! It's always a pleasure to drop by your blog and read your perspective and say on issues big and small...keep writing... and happy blogging!

P.S.I think I have gotten to know more about you from "It's a Start" than when you guys were in VA and we would actually meet up in's quite ironical...but that's what blogging all about, aint' it !!

rashmi said...

hey congrats on 50th too completing tht mark soon... :-)
Are you thinking on lines to changes the title of ur blog ?
all the best for completing century soon :-)

GNSD said...

Thanks all...
@ Laksmi: I still go there on and off. I am glad we connected while both of us were superactive there
@ Bhaia: WHere is your post...
@ Priyanka: Surprisingly.. that exactly what i told SD last week..hehe..
@ Rashmi: The thought has crossed my mind.. but i think for now, i will stick to the name.