Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hair now.... Gone tomorrow!

Ok... fine.. Another girly girl post! So read with caution.. and yes SD, B.. i wont confirm that you read this or not! Promise. But I would prefer if you do read it!;-)

I was fretting and fretting. I knew I needed a change of hairstyle, more out of boredom than anything else. And also, because if I didn’t get the cut, I would be very nicely still tying my hair in my tiny pony tail (pig tail as some call it) and roam around town.
I am very bad at that. If my hair are in "pony" length. More often than not, they will be tied in one. Recently washed or not! As a mom-friend of mine says, it keeps the hair off my face and the kids in your face ;-)
I "used" to have lovely hair, and for some reason; they are still nice but not as nice! Blame it on chemicals, motherhood, stress (Haha) whatever! I blame my laziness!
But anyways, I got myself an appointment at a nice salon, kept 2 hours dedicated to myself. Had my family to watch V while I was gone. And I started the search: I googled images for "hairstyles" for three days in a row. I still didn’t know what to get!
Now, I am a "cheapskate" when it comes to haircuts. Historically, when I get a cut, I like to get my money's worth: Implying I need to change my look> When I had longer hair, it meant layers, it meant getting them shorter, change the style. With shorter hair, it meant just turning the look around!
I am a round face.. as round as it can be! I mean you can hold a compass on my nose and actually trace a circle ;-) You get the idea. While I was looking on google images, I would show them to SD and bhaia. They would smile non-chalantly, make some comment. Yeah, I would try to discuss with them and they would be supportive.. but as supportive as a guy can be! :-) But at least they listened to me. And didn’t mind me hogging the computer "checking" out pics of hairstyles. So after a lot of deliberation, I settled on one style. Conversed with one of my friends, weighed in the options and settled in for a "look".
So now, I am at the salon. I am speaking with the stylist, I give them an idea of what I am looking for.. Simple, different, Easy to maintain and oh yeah "cool"! She looks, moves my face around and says Three wonderful words: "Your face is round" well four! God D*** I*! Urgh!. So we discuss a bit more, and settle for something that I have had once before. I agree it did look good on me then, but I did want a slight change. A bit of variation was decided upon! A lovely head wash with the most relaxing conditioner and a chatty stylist! The next hour or so, went in lame conversations, sipping on amazing green tea at the salon and of course, moving my head around in all possible angles to get the cut! There were moments of me awwing the stylists' precision cuts, getting amazed by her patience and loving the look of cut inches of my hair and me telling the stylist: "Man this is an art; a very patient art!"

And Ta Da.. I got my cut! A line Bob with slight fringes (bangs!)! Hehe!
Don’t know if it did change my look or no.. But I love it! SD and my family adore it. But I am enjoying the look, the bouncy fringes! The icing on the cake was, V staring at me while brushing her teeth, asking me to bend down and exclaiming: "Mummy No Pony!"


Priyanka Rajkhowa said... some pics with your new look !!!

Lakshmi said...

That sounds wonderful. I need one haircut now ;)

GNSD said...

@ Piyanka... Will try getting some pics over the weekend for sure.
@ Laks.... its always a good time for a haircut.. i figure!