Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy's Girls!

I am blessed with a concoction of girl friends, spread across the globe. Tied to email chains, re-connected via FB, college mates, room mates, new friends, and oh yeah.. Those few, who still see through me.!. Gosh.. I hate them ;-)
But here is my lame categorization of friends whom all should have.. but a mom should have for sure!

Fashionista: Oh O... I can’t describe in words, the NEED for such. They are the ones who will keep you motivated to be always chick! These will do your eye make-up in 1/10th of the time it would take you. These would be the ones, who'd tell you what’s in and what's not. They will be your “Aunty-hood” check! These would be the ones who'd scrounge at your sneakers when you take the kiddo to the park. They'll recommend ballerina flats. They'll love you. They’ll keep you in the "look" and they will make sure you don’t miss out on "what's up" in the world of "in". You need them to feel like a girly girl for a long time!

The single friends: They will be the ones, who will grab you by the collar and take you for a brunch, a night out or just out. They will frown when you mention it’s late and you need to sleep. They will help you realize, you are not old cuz you have kids. They will energize you, make you laugh... and will talk about their latest "finds" (better half of course) and they astonish you with what's "out in market" and then they will make you love your man even more.. for not being one of those creeps.. I swear!

The Mom friends: :-) Oh, yes.. They will understand. You can go on and on with the "potty-training" stories without guilt. They will give you advice on what to do with the non-napper. They will always have the right distraction for the kiddo. They will be the ones, who'll make you feel: "you are not alone" all kids do this, and all mom's go through this. They will nod in agreement before you complete your sentence.

The Planners: They are always upto mischief, more trips, more gatherings and are always ready for fun. They will encourage you to come along for that one "dinner". They will be adore the kiddo and will always offer to help out! They'd understand the need for sitters and the importance of a date night and will always understand if you can’t make it. You can have a huge party at home, and never worry about them. They will fend for themselves and be the silent hosts in disguise.

The soul-searchers: These are the ones; you could meet for coffee and discuss anything under the sun. Careers, In laws, life, Shoes, Trips,.. anything. You will not be judged no matter what, they will just listen to you. They will also be heard. They will offer advice and be okay if you don’t follow them. They will never tell you, I told you so…and above all. They will be there through it all.

The Critics: Oh yes, you need these. They might criticize the food, the child rearing, the choice, this and that and anything and everything under the sun. They would make sure to have lots of advice for you. They will never mean any harm, but will not bite their tongue either. They might not be politically correct, but they will be right a lot of times! You’d love to hate them ;-) But you’d fight hard to keep them around.

Did I mention the others…. The adventurers, the partiers, the simpletons, the chefs, the funny ones, the readers, the writers, the super excited ones, the-drag-me-along, the i-am-up-for-anything-anytime, the constant daters, the work-o-holics, the mom-o-holics, the kid-o-holics, ……….Oh I can go on and on.

All of my girl friends will easily fall under any or all of these categories… and I love them very very dearly. They are my angels, my friends, my confidantes and my support. And oh yeah, my girly talk and gossip buddies! (SD winks!)

But yes………..if you ever have all these types under a roof at a time. It will be a riot!
Thank god. I am living in such a riot.


Tiny Dancer said...

Gary dear, wish you'd been as expressive in our 'early' days :)
You know, I am blessed to have a friend with a type-fit in all of your descriptions and even luckier to have found all of those in my mom.
Cheers to all our girls!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Love this post sitting here trying to put my girl friends into one of those buckets you have identified... alot of them would fit into more than one !!

Lakshmi said...

Makes sense. We indeed need different friends for different reasons. Absolutely no need to match them.

Pixie said...

Oh yes! :)
Girlfriends rock! :)

GNSD said...

@ Tiny.... I hear you.. wonder why we were not.. May be we were just matured enough ;-) Or may be we didnt realise the importance of "girl power" feminism aside of course
@ Priyanka... Totally. Most of them fit into more buckets than one, and the best part is, they still never change!
@ Lakshmi... Friends will be there with us. Its just suprising how these relationships evolve over time to give us different things at different times.
@ Pixie.. Beautifully worded: "Girlfriends do rock!" :-D

Deepti said...

This is a really sweet Blog! Really enjoyed reading it! ;) Girlfriends are the best (Moms included)!

GNSD said...

@ Deepti.... thanks for stopping by.. i am glad you enjoyed it.
What would we do without more of our kind right ;-)

Prutha said...

hunnnyyyy... i lurvvv this post!! thanku for writing about us!! and u make a crazy ass girl friend urself... cant imagine life with u being a part f it... love u crazy!! and love our gang incredibly...

Prutha said...

oops, i meant cant imagine my life without u being a part of it...

GNSD said...

@ Putha..........I love you too.. Cant imagine life without all our stupid but cute shennanigans!