Monday, February 1, 2010

It’s been three days- come on!

What are you serious.. you haven't checked facebook in three days! What!
Yes.. all sarcasm, ooh's, and cheekiness included!

But that’s what I experienced a couple of evenings ago. Life has been busier with impending deadline at work! So stress aside, i was really enjoying any moment away from the computer! Which also turned up implying... no facebook? Besides going on FB from my blackberry during the elevator in between meetings or nature calls! I just did not have the time!
At home, my limited evenings were spent with V and daily stuff and then I wanted to be the farthest away from a thing called: Computer/Laptop/Netbook/iPad and all variations of technology. TV is fine, thank you very much!

The fourth day... however, I wanted to relax, read a few of favorite blogs, comment, check up the latest shoes, stories and the like! And oh yes, by all means check FB! But to get a computer at home, meant engaging two grown up men in the war of "Give me the laptop! You have been on it for XXX" With two laptops and three adults active on the lovely machine, well.. besides snatching it away.. there is little you could do! As I put forth all lame arguments to the “machine hoggers”...every thing fell on deaf ears.. and then I used the 'bhramastra'..or the magic words: "I haven’t checked FB in THREE days, come on!"
A fit of laughter ensued, a couple of disapproving head nods, and the looks exchange between the boys! And I was red faced! These two guys- mind you.. are not FB people! One is on FB but barely logging on.....and other refuses to acknowledge its existence!
But with this, I finally got the machine! Super excited, since I thought I would be on it for at least a couple of hours! It's been 3 days, come on!
But... all my checking, replying to my wall, updating others.. and re-connecting and seeing tagged pictures and albums.. and ensuring "All Izz Well" was done.. I was done in 15 minutes! Here goes my couple of hours plan. I thought!
Of course, I was in no mood to return the laptop to the machine hogs.. so I wrote this blog! ;-) In the process, I made a realization.
If I did have the time during the week- I would have been on FB everyday say, for 15 minutes... So for four days = 60 minutes. But I got the same stuff accomplished in 15 minutes. Implies in one fourth the time!
Now, Only IF I could use a similar formula to make my work for impending deadline get accomplished in 1/4th of the time and effort~

Anyways, I said to myself.. let go a little! Let me cure myself of this addiction - the FB kind of addiction! And 'Live a little'. All the self assurances lasted one full day- 24 hours!
I just got my own swanky machine (Yippiee!)... so now we have three adults, three machines and well no more arguing over whose task is more important. Last night, as I on my new superfast machine, checked news, and other stuff.. I kept trying not to type '' But alas, my fingers were not listening to my mind! It was really not my fault, before I knew it, I was back on it! Damn... so now I ask for help.. "FB anonymous" anyone? Hello......... Any takers??

PS: It just might be a good business proposition as well... VC's any one wants to invest in 'FB Anonymous" ?


rashmi said...

I m the only creature left on this planet earth..who doesnt have account on FB..I m trying my level best to keep myself away from it.blogging itself is so time consuming :-)
One more addiction mean.i need to resign from jon :-) :-) :-)
Congrats for new machine :-)

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

LOL...good one :-))...can so completely identify with your statement about making a resolution not to type for a while...and breaking it the very next moment...a serious addiction it surely is and a time consuming one at that :-((!!!

Lakshmi said...

Your math makes perfect sense...Our laptop is in service for a week now, and in fact I am spending my time more efficiently ;)

GNSD said...

@Rashmi... come on.. get with it. FB is great for re-connection.. and really bad for addiction!

@ Priyank.... partners in crime what can i say.. but considering how much you are snowed in.. enjoy FB.. :-)

@ wonder your posts were infrequent.. get the machine back already now! Missing your writing.

Prutha said...

fyi, i think there already is a fb anonymous...but its on fb!! ... lol