Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To gift or not..

Valentine’s day is coming to town.. la lala la…. Hehe.. Ok, so SD and I don’t technically celebrate this day! I always find the restaurants pre-booked and too cheesy and too "red" for our taste. We try to have a simple but a memorable evening. A delicious meal indoors. Lots of sweet gestures to make the day memorable! And oh yeah, a gift!
I know, its a Hallmark Day....well marketed.. well crafted. But come on.. it doesn’t do any harm does it?
Though if you ask me what we did last year for V-day, I have no idea! I think we got V some cute red t-shirts.. and baby stuff! The one before.. hmm yes that one I remember. It was right after we had V. SD surprised me by coming home early.. got a lovely gift and amazing dinner reservations. It was our very first date after we became parents. He got a very cool watch for my mom as well! And for V, we got her- guess what: "Baby's first valentine" Bib. Original I tell you! ;-). One year, SD was travelling and came home later in the night. I had cooked up a fancy dinner at home; which included cute heart shaped cutlets, and S and G shaped patties. (Don't ask!) I was all dressed up in my amazing Blue Saari for the candle light dinner… technically fireplace light dinner ;-). I know one year I got a cute box of chocolates, which when you open it, plays a love ballad. Chocolates were eaten promptly and V loves it now; it’s her favorite play box!
So now, another Valentine's is looming.. and I know the sweet gestures, simple dinners etc will all follow. But I really don’t know what gift to get. And I don’t want to say.. no gifts necessary! Because they are! :-)
SD is not a big gift giver (!). Well per his standards he is, for a greedy me... he is not! So I will make him sweat it! I know I will! I will tell him, I want a gift, and he will have to wonder what! For V it will be easier.. I think I already know what we are giving her…a new book: Potty Training! (It counts … yes it does!) Ok fine, we will get her something cute! Now back to my husband SD- gosh!!! What do I get for him?
Electronics, Perfumes, Personal Accessories, Clothes, Shoes, Miscellaneous: WHAT?
If I get something for the house as his gift pretext. Its not fair! If I get something for us; realistically, I will be using it more! So what do you get for your husband.. as a surprise.. which he might not need, but you can create a need for it. Should be usable, easy to store (!) and definitely enjoyable! And his face would become child like and his excitement will be felt in the room! Advise please!

And SD... too bad, since I blog, I get help on your gift.. you still have to hunt and hunt for mine!
Or may be.. this year, I will go easy.. and actually just relax and enjoy the day! May be a lovely walk in the park will be perfect........hmmmm... Naah! Gift please ;-)


Prutha said...

how about getting him a vintage watch or a first edition book for his fav author. or better yet, since he like painting, buy him some art accessories or a nice art book!!

Lakshmi said...

We are not into gift buying at all, kind of boring I know ;) So no suggestions here. One gift we cherish the most is couple of hours of outing somewhere either dinner or movie or sometimes shopping, when kids are at the sitters...Happy Valentine's day!

GNSD said...

@ Prutha... hmm.. the vintage watch does seem liek a good idea.. May be our anniv... But here it is.. V day for us is more like a fun day- so the gifts have be smaller but meaningful! The birthday's anniversaries are where the thoughtful ones come in play.

@ Lakshmi: I am glad you are kepeing up the weekly date nights.. its hard!! But great going! We should start that now!

Tiny Dancer said...

Gift him and yourself some treat time together! Can you re-play your first date as an official couple? OR the first sneak time you had together? May sound childish, but it will be worth re-visiting old memories :) If that doesn't work go get both of yourself a couple's massage or something...