Friday, April 2, 2010


So... I am generally very relaxed, satisfied and over all very happy. But there is this one thing about me, recently, which I am getting increasingly annoyed with! Don't guess- I will say it: out in the open World Wide Web, with the limited readers reading this: I have been.. umm.. uhh.. well gaining unnecessary pounds lately! Completely my fault- Call it being, lazy, being ignorant, slightly hormonal (OMG-I said that) and above all- careless!
Yes, I am a foodie and I can just never ‘stomach’ a diet plan. I have tried, but never succeeded. I enjoy cooking, eating new things and really love the satisfied smile of near and dear ones, as the meal is gobbled up! I have made a conclusion for myself: I should work towards getting fit and not change myself for it. SD once mentioned during "dieting" tries- Food modifications make you cranky! I shrugged... but I know he was right!
So, I can do one of two things... One: Really crossing my fingers and hoping the pounds shed by themselves, body gets healthier and I get fitter(Well not worked so far, I tell you!) or something about it.. like.. hmm...may be set a goal, work towards it and above all, try to enjoy the process!
This blog is like my own little journal, I am introducing a new tag/ category today: "Getting Fit" this is the first post of hopefully many to come in this! As I like to say it: It's a Start!

So here is my Three Step Plan
1. Make a log: Of all I eat during the day, my meals, my snacks, my OMG-I-Ate-A-Chocolate, my eating habits pretty much!
2. Work Out: Hit the gym, climb the stairs, do the stretches and oh yes loose the hmmm.. flab! And yes, mopping the floor post dinner after V does count! So I am going to not be hard on myself about missing a day!
3. Chart the weight: And not make it public. In my case, I am hoping to use Wii Fit to help me chart it weekly!

My "A-Ha! I need to do this" besides my family being super concerned about my well being and the whole past month of jeans getting slightly, how do I put it lightly- tighter around the middle portion- was last Saturday: I went to the gym, saw my stamina in 45 minutes, was ashamed, super guilty and said: Enough is Enough!

Of course, I am following my own principle: One step at a time principle! My end point: 8 weeks starting from April 4th! Ending: Look at the calendar: May 28th! (Just before the Long Weekend! Yee Yaah)
I know, 8 weeks is a short time, But I believe in setting small achievable goals and then increase them slowly. I am hoping to start the momentum in these eight weeks for a long path of healthier choices ahead.
Honestly, I know life will happen, there will be school events, parties, gatherings, social life, parenting life, couple life, working life, House life, and all other things which seem to always be on my calendar! Well, for me, I am adding one more thing" Being healthier!"
So anyways, in case you interested in helping me out, helping yourself out or just want to join me this much needed ‘"loosing the paunch and making it fun!" (Yes, even I am shaking in disbelief right now!)’, Let me know.
We can figure out a way to be creative, to achieve our goals, to be supportive, may be even competitive about it... but above all, just be in the journey together and hopefully set a fitter example for the little ones! (Well at least that’s my reason!)
Else… help me be honest on this blog! :-D


Shilpa said...

Ha Ha... Well am also a gr8 foodie but had to control it just becoz I had health problems due to my overweight... Am happier now that I have lost 9 kgs :P and dresses fit me better... (I guess u will understand how it feels for a girl to fit into her dresses :))

Keep up the fitness plan and you will rock.

GNSD said...

@Shilpa... thanks for the vote of confidence..> Will definitely keep you posted on the progress!
So far: Day 2: Pretty Good!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Good luck girl...This is inspiring...I would be more than happy to join you in this effort
;-))...and the long weekend sounds like a good target
:-))...will keep you updated ;-)

Piper .. said...

heyy, this sounds super cool! I will make an effort too :)
Tell me, does wii fitness really help?
We have been playing games on wii for a while now, but havent tried out the fitness program they have..

GNSD said...

@ Priyanka..........wohoo.. cheering for you and me now. So last night i did hit the gym and slept like a baby!
@ Piper...I like Wii Fit.. It doesnt make you loose weight per se. Its just a cool way to keep you in check. Since it will chart the weight and make the yoga, balancing games etc fun. Plus hubby and I generally compete on it. Making it fun.

Lakshmi said...

Best wishes Garima... A diet worked for me two years back. What we followed was calorie counting based on "hacker's diet", all it needed was motivation. Well slip ups happen when family visits, when we go on vacation etc and motivation goes away :) But it works when followed, I did lose a lot of weight, still more to go though..
Would love to hear about your updates here...

Anonymous said...

It's uncanny how similar our approaches are G! But this is the only way to go in the long term for normal (read not weight-obsessed, not in a glamorous line of work etc.) folks like us I think.

I am curious to know how well you've been able to integrate these changes into your lifestyle after the 8 weeks were up. Please do a post on the latest updates... thanks!

Garima said...

@ Jottings, You are so right, when I was reading your post.. it rung a bell. Well the changes are going pretty well. I have acocunted for a few pounds lost, but above all... feeling lighter.. you know the feeling, when you just feel good without loosing the inches. Will put up a post soon.