Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Game night anyone?

All right... So how do YOU spend your evenings with friends when not dining or clubbing away... do you guys chit chat, pull each other’s legs, talk about visa status, economy, job, gossip... or do you pull out some interesting board games and get together..
Do you have a Wii night, a Board game night, a poker night or just a night when you are learning rules of a new game you picked up!
Well we are the latter! We thoroughly enjoy a good board game. Something which will engage us, make us squabble like kids, make us laugh, get angst, competitive and all over a board game! I don’t know how we got so interested in board games. I remember playing them as a kid. Then in college, undergrad and masters, early working years, board games were so kid dish or boring.. or who has the time. In the past years, we have gravitated towards more and more board games for groups.
Our collection keeps growing every time we enter Toys R Us sales or Target! We have bonded over, fought, argued over countless board game nights. We apologize to a few people even before the game starts since we know we'd get argumentative in the game. We have stayed up till 4 and 5 in the mornings just playing a new cool board game. Surprisingly we can’t wait for the next time we get together to play more games. There are games which have been stricken off our list as too aggressive, too involved or simply it always gets someone too red. Risk tops the chart on this one.. i swear.
A few of the games I love are Life, Scategories, Taboo, Wits and Wagers, Rummicub, Sequence, Pictionary and some even simpler games like Sorry, Uno, Othello or even Connect four! Of course there is always poker and now my latest learning curve on 21 card rummy with four.

Yeah Yeah, we have those nights when we just hang out. We have even had times when we have played "Dumb Charades" with old funky TV ad's and not just movie names. Picture this.. a person running across the living room and pretending to come out of glass holding a bottle “Yeh bechara kaam ke bhoj ka maara”... the ad is: "Hamdard ka tonic Cinkara" go check it out... I loved Shilpa's post about the old and new TV ads.. I have fodder for the next round of such games.

So now, I am on the lookout for a new board game for us adults and for our daughter! Any recommendations?
What about you, which games pique your interest?


Lakshmi said...

Looks like you have fun friends. We used to play lot of card games years back. Then we went into years of not playing, just food and chat. We started back last year with Imaginiff, Whats yours like etc.

GNSD said...

Hi Lakshmi.... Welcome back. I have been missing you on the blogosphere. How is the move planning?
We are blessed with a very good set of people around us.
I am 100% going to check out Imaginiff soon!
Do write when you get time.. i miss your posts.

Piper .. said...

:) we love board games too! There`s one pretty interesting board game a friend of ours once got to a party, but I`m forgetting the name. I`ll get back to you with it!

GNSD said...

@ Piper... for some cool reason.. i am not surprised... all right now please share the name of the game already!

Shilpa said...

:) :) Toys r us... Whenever I go there... I find it difficult to move away from the soft toy section :) :)

Board Games... esp love Uno :)

G. Ames said...

So what if I buy a game and only play it 3 or 4 times if I feel I have gained from it what I expected? For the cost of a game, I gain X number of hours of entertainment, and this is an activity I do together with friends, which means they gain too. Perhaps we shouldn't think of the cost of a game as being for the physical game, and instead think of it as being for the fun time that is gained. Another analogy is books. I rarely reread novels that I buy. I feel I've gained what I expected after reading them once. Of course I can reread them if I want to, but in most cases I probably won't. Games are made to be played more than once. But after you've played it enough times to fully appreciate its qualities, perhaps you don't need to play it anymore. You probably should sell / trade / donate / give away such games though. Pass the fun on. Save space at home. Make space for new games. It's okay to keep buying games if you think of yourself as a Game Taster.

GNSD said...

@ G. Ames.... Intresting.. I completely agree with your take on games.. howeevr I must add.. for books, there are few which I can read over and over again.