Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So 'Lost'

I have never denied my love for the tube. I like to relax on my couch after a tiring day and just curl up and watch some TV, a good movie or some good old HGTV.
But I have never been addicted. Lately... that seems to be changing. I am addicted... to "Lost"
Fine, I am six years late in it.. but I am getting there. After much curiosity, SD and I started watching Lost on demand a la Netflix streaming... Super Duper cool!
I am at the edge of my sofa, holding on tight to my throw. The whole series is fabulous. We just finished with Season 1 and I can’t wait to start the next one. After dinner and winding off, my standard line is: "Dhande ka time khoti nahin karne kaa" implying "Let’s not waste any time of business!" Business of watching Lost that is.
If you have not seen the series, do start it.. and if you do.. please don’t kill the suspense for us.. Let us enjoy the process.
But yeah... with this addiction of lost, my "To-Do" seems to be growing and growing. My evenings which were earlier spent in finishing up chores keep getting put off. I am fine with folding the laundry two days later; I am fine with a comment being unanswered or a post left half way. I am in a rush each evening to wind off everything else around V's bed time, so after she sleeps we can catch the episode(s) un-interrupted. Thank god for on-demand a la Netflix Streaming and Wii, I don't have to wait one full week to see what happens next.
It's sad seriously. SD had to mail me and tell me categorically: Let's not get lost in 'Lost' tonight and get XYZ done. That's a first. I am the one on the receiving end of a To-Do list. ;-)
No No, there is no way I am challenging myself and letting go of my addiction. Far from it. I am just encouraging you to go see Lost. Hehe..
Jokes apart... tonight.. I will get a few things squared away before I touch the TV and Wii remote.
There is a funny parallel between V and myself right now. I tell V: Lets finish the dinner and then you get the toy. I am telling myself.. Lets finish the To-do's and then I get another Lost episode!


Piper .. said...

:):) The G and I got addicted to netflix streaming as well. We watched all the 6 seasons of 'Alias' and all the 5 seasons of 'The Office'. Waiting for the 6th season to show up now :):)
As for the Wii, we got ourselves the Wii resort and were actively playing it for quite a while. Esp the t.t and the bowling! But it`s become a little stale now! Cant imagine we enjoy the same things :):)

Piper .. said...

ohh and the game I was talking about is 'Settlers of Catan'. It`s a little like monopoly but definitely more interesting! Try it out sometime.

GNSD said...

@ Piper.... SD is addicted to Office as well..> I sometimes get bored sometimes grossed out and sometimes, how can he be so full of himself ;-)
Settlers of Catan..... awesome.. A friend of ours owns it.. will have a game night soon!