Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An end and A beginning

Simple. I am extremely proud of myself. Let the drum role begin.. and yes even the marching band.. what the heck!
I am done with my 8 week of Getting Fit personal challenge.
Here are the highlights.
- No, I have not lost tonne of weight or wearing a size 2! Alas. But I feel leaner. The clothes seem to be fitting better and best of all... a few friends told me, you look like you have been doing something!
- Food choices, this was my biggest challenge in my attempt. I did not want to do something drastic. Just simple changes. And I think I am doing way better than before. My snacks are more spaced out. My unnecessary binges are controlled and above all, I am making better food choices to snack on: Case in point, After an exhausting and sleep less long weekend- I said no to a "Cinnabon" (which by the way is my favorite!) and picked up a pear instead! Wow! That's a first for me.
- Physical activity wise. Even in my long weekend trip, I managed doing a few stretches! Come on... give me some credit. And yes, I have my personal trainer- my 2.5 year old daughter V. She makes me run around the garden chasing a butterfly or even a flying paper!

The reason I can this post an end and a beginning is the following: It's the end to my weekly posts of my progress, personal rant or brag. But it is a beginning for me to continue practicing a few simpler things in day to day thing to keep me fitter, active and lighter.
I learnt a few things about myself:
- Staying hungry for longer or skipping meals just makes me crankier. Yes, SD you can say: I told you so!
- I can forsake the chocolate in favor of a flavored yogurt.
- Staying no to french fries is really hard.
- I can walk 1.5 miles in 18 minutes. Not bad with a huge purse in tow!
- I prefer walking on a walker than the street.
- By writing the food on a chart, makes you feel better the next day, since you accomplished something yesterday.
- If I can’t go to the gym every day. It’s okay. The yoga mat and TV will be perfect.
- I can do it = I can continue to be myself (foodie) and still not feel guilty or super bloated after.
The best thing of all...... It's okay to talk about the struggles. Chances are there are a few more that have similar speed bumps on their road to.... fitness!

FYI- I am planning to continue my 3 point guide, in case you are wondering
Point A: Write what you eat.
Point B: Workout. It can be stretches, walks, yoga, gym or even just running with V.
Point C: Chart the weight.. and yes keep it private! hehe

Thanks for sticking around with me on this one. It really helped.


Shilpa said...

All the best :) Keep rocking and exercising :)

Piper .. said...

*Piper is on her knees and bowing!*
You are one awesome woman! :):)
Hugs and hope you continue..

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa... thanks for checking on me.. and letting me slide a bit here and there.
@ Piper... haha.. you are so sweet. I do fully plan to continue.. I said no to a Muffin today. Wow!