Monday, June 21, 2010

What's a vacation to you?

Is it just being away from home, work and daily stuff to relax, recuperate and enjoy? Is it visiting new places, doing new things, trying some new adventure? Or is it painting the deck, coloring the house, finishing up chores etc? Is it just actually doing nothing but bumming around the house and visiting the city you live in (I think the media calls it 'staycation').
What qualifies a vacation?
I have been pampered honestly. SD and my love for travelling has resulted in a lot more longish weekend trips, or just going once more to NYC, or visiting a new place with family, or even just beach bumming. V also has done her fair share of travel with us. I think for her vacation qualifies as no school, no schedules, eating as she pleases and oh yes... above all... running around non-stop.
By power of future push button publishing and my 'planning' as you are reading this, we are probably either swimming in our friends pool or visiting some museum, or just laying on the grass and counting the airplanes or more realistically running with V without a care in the world. Yes people.... I am on vacation!
Yippe Yeah.
A very different vacation from our usual ones. We are back to a place where V was born, where we spend our newly married lives, where SD first landed in US. We are back to a place where we fell in love, where we had our first home, where we both took endless hikes; met some very near and dear friends and where we pretty much started the story of GN & SD.
And what’s on the agenda... nothing. Just doing nothing…. Well actually going to our favorite restaurant, asking our friends to play the guitar one more time, walking along familiar pathways, driving in the forgettable traffic, re-visiting a place we called home and oh yes.. having V meet the friends who probably saw her when she was a day or two old!
As I imagine in my head right now, there is a familiarity of the old friends, of near and dear ones. The square footage (carbon footprint) of their abode might have increased, the hairline would have receded, the guitar tunes might have been forgotten... but what would not have changed is their affectionate smile and hugs and memories.
Right now, we are probably going down memory lane, creating new memories and above all... going back in time.. and still looking ahead.
I am on our vacation.. I think it qualifies as a Staycation: Since we are home though we technically are not home!


Shilpa said...

Have fun!!!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Was great seeing you at the Batras' the other day, though only for a bit...really sorry couldn't catch up later over the weekend...hope you had a safe trip home:-)

Lakshmi said...

Sounds wonderful... I am ready for one now :)

Piper .. said...

:):) sounds wonderful! Have a fun vacation!

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa... I will stop by and read all your posts and comment soon.... promise
@ Priyanka... It was so cool to see you.. though it was a super short time, it was great seeing you and DD.
@ Laksmi... Am very excited for yours.. its a big big step... cheering.. and cant wait for updates from teh other side of the pacific.
@ Piper.... back now! Waiting for your posts...