Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Any one up for e-betting?

Phew... so I am now convinced, my stomach has a mind of its own. I think I am recovered completely, since I can eat most of my normal foods and then my tummy will remind me... selective foods please!
The catch, tummy does not tell me, what the criterion for selection is.
Case in Point: Over the weekend, I had complete Indian meal, a delicious impromptu dinner and so on. But tummy was fine. It was perfect.
Come this morning, I said- let’s have Bagel. And an hour later, tummy was back to doing what it's been doing lately- hurting. Hmm, I thought spices were bad, apparently not, just bread or rather bagel. WTH!
How do I know, what works, what does not? Hubby asked the perfect question lately. Is tummy okay now? I said yes and only to recant two hours later.
Then I thought, its coffee, so I went coffee-less for almost three weeks. Three cups total in three weeks is Coffee-Less OKAY. But stomach seems fine with or without it.
I had rice, which was my staple meal a couple of weeks ago, is resulting in tummy aches. So now, I am off rice. Hmm WTH!
So if you see me lying on my tummy and pretending to sleep, you know it’s my tummy telling me - He He.. I got you!

I am thinking of starting a wager now... what do you think it is:
Spices – Yummm. Dude I have been feeding my family almost bland food for a while now!
Carbs - Roti's, bread, does rice belong here?
Caffeine - Coffee, I barely drink soda's FYI
Starch – Rice, Potatoes right?
Protein - Mind you, I am a vegetarian, so it’s mainly pulses and spinach I think
Fiber - All vegetables, fruits
Sweets – All holiday candy, cookies come in this category.
Processed food- not that I consume that much of it.
Dairy – aaah!
All of the above - Haha!
None of the above- I am just making all this up!

And yes point noted, before I teach V about food groups, I will study before hand!
So come on, lay your bets! It’s like Wits and Wagers man!


Teddy with fangs said...

FYI... sometimes our own minds trick us into believing things. Getting too conscious about your intake can also trigger such pains... you know, the opposite of a placebo?

GB said...

Garima, just have the doctor look into it.......what did he/she prescribe? maybe it's timing rather that ingredients?--better have the experts look into it.

Garima said...

@ Tiny.. I have thought of that.. But it does not add up. As of now, I am thinking tis more to do with portion control and bad combinations

@ GB... so according to the doc, if it continues for two more weeks.. than I need to get it checked out. They are thinking, its remanants of the bad bug

Shilpa said...

Take care dear :)
Some stomach pains really hurt .. Try having lots of water....

Luke said...

Excellent Wits & Wagers reference!

PR Director
North Star Games

Garima said...

@ Shilpa.. Thanks girl.. Much better now.

@ Luke.. :-) Wits and Wagers is our all time favorite game right now!