Monday, December 27, 2010

Pre-conceived notions are sometimes wrong

Especially about movies

Case in Point: Star Trek.

Hubby watched it and recommended I watch it as well. Me, having my pre-conceived notion about it said: Oh no, I'd rather not. I don’t know the different characters and somehow have not followed the series. He was like, that’s exactly what I thought, but it’s really nice and you must watch it.
And I did, I loved it, every minute of it. The story, the graphics, the language, the alternate-reality concept, the thought and above all the line "Vulcan culture is preserved but we have lost a civilization"
Very nice movie... I am now contemplating catching up on the series. Let’s see.

Second case in Point: Sherlock Holmes.
I had read a few of Sherlock Holmes series as a kid. I enjoyed them then. Above all FB and other review sources didn’t speak highly about the movie. So I was double minded. But, on a snowed in Xmas afternoon with cozy blanket, it seemed like a perfect choice. And I enjoyed the movie a lot. I loved the simplicity and above all the depth that the different characters portrayed in the movie. I loved the representation and how small details can reveal so much about a person. Nice movie.

So that’s what my Xmas weekend was. Daughter enjoyed the new play-blender immensely. And we enjoyed good board games and then some more board games. Nice lazy weekend!

So, tell me which movies recently unexpectedly exceeded your expectations?


Shilpa said...

Haven't seen a good movie in days :(

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