Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How food poisoning can help..

Seriously.. it can.
As a reminder, I was hit by a bad food poisoning incident about two weeks ago, right after our wonderful Anniversary dinner.
It’s been a fortnight and lingering weak stomach condition remains.
I am eating food again and can process it normally. Finally, but food poisoning has helped... here is how
1. I can still not fathom eating outside food. I tried it once, and was holding my stomach the rest of the day.
2. In the holiday season, with the social life buzzing, I HAVE to choose wisely; else, I will once again be holding my tummy. Recently, I stuck to just salad at a holiday party with yummy food everywhere around. Damn!
3. I don’t have a choice but say 'No, Thanks' to the endless supply of holiday cookies and dessert. Again, I tried eating one and well, you guessed it right, holding my stomach later.
4. Coffee is still a delicacy. I am no longer having my 'mug' a day, but a mug on a weekly basis hoping that I don’t have to hold my tummy right after.
5. Snacking has reduced to zero. Since my options are hold tummy or snack, I choose neither. I stick to munching tasteless crackers for the hunger pangs still!
6. Best of all, I still can’t take spicy food well. Last weekend, our friend had made the most delicious Paneer dish. I ate it and licked it all and thankfully it was not spicy!

Urgh.....come on man.. weak tummy please recover. Let me enjoy my favorite month and the holiday festivities... it’s been so scary for me, that even on weeknights with a bunch of friends gathered, I am happy cooking for all instead of ordering the 'Pizza'.

So food poisoning has helped, in making me sulk, look down upon food and really dread meal times. I enjoy cooking a lot, but I don’t enjoy cooking the same blandish food every single night.... Any ideas/ recipes for better/yummier easily digestible food??
And for the record, we eat in regularly. But now that I know, I cant eat out at all, I am really not a happy person.

To my family- thanks for understanding and not sulking at simple dinner menu's! And above all keeping the helping hand ready. Hoping I am back to 'normal' food soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey get well soon. It's a season for cakes, doughnuts, truffles :) Takecare.

Garima said...

@ Maddie........dont remind me.. I have two holiday treasuers at my desk just calling me... :-(