Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nice Nice Nice

Lazy Lazy Lazy...

The words above truly describe my New Years...Nice & Lazy. It was perfect. I was in no mood to figure out what to wear, where to go, whom to have over, what to eat etc... It was simple... friends, family, ordered in Chinese and lots of laughs and walk down memory lane. Perfect.

I am a believer of what you do on 1st January, you will do all year around.
So the excited prick in me, still went on the patio and screamed 'Wohoo'. We spent a lot of time with family and enjoyed dinners with friends, some retail therapy and gossip sessions and laughter. Perfect.
Icing on the cake was we gave V her 'New Years' present- A 'Tigger'. She was super excited, jumping all over and since then, it’s been Tigger says, "I am hungry, I am sleepy, I want M&M" It’s been laughter, comical scenes and relaxed time with family and friends. Perfect.

So here is hoping that our coming year is as balanced as the New Year's Day was!


GB said...

:) heh heh, Tigger tops my list of favorite people!! I like the idea of a no-fuss party---looks like you rang in the new year with hassle free fun. Way to go!

Have a great year ahead, Garima!


Shilpa said...

Happy new year Garima :)
I want an M and M tiger too :)

Garima said...

@ GB: Same to you GB.. I did enjoy the hassle free New Year Celebrations. It felt different- good different.
@ Shilpa... Kripya intezaar kijiye aap katar mein hain ;-)