Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-afternoon slumber...

Or Siesta as it’s lovingly known!
With busy week and even busier weekends when did you last take a siesta? Just nothing. Slept in the middle of the day with no books, no TV, no laptop, no phone, and basically snuggle in!
A few weekends ago, we had friends visiting from out of town. En route to home after heavy brunch, I asked hubby to drop me and V home and friends and him to tour the city. This way, V would be fresh for evening plans. Sounds perfect.
We came home and while she napped, I started reading. 30 minutes into my book, I looked up and asked myself: "Why?"
No one is home, V is probably knocked out for 2 hours, dinner is possibly outside, and there is nothing else. Why don’t I sleep? I came up with thousand and one excuses to not nap. May be I should fold the laundry, clean up the house, get dinner reservations, catch up on missed work outs or may be complete this book I have been slacking with.
Now.. I am no power napper. Once in a while, when I have tried to sleep in the middle of the day, it better be for a couple of hours or none at all. I can’t just sleep for 30 minutes and be fresh. I will be VERY cranky. Trust me, or ask anyone in my family.
So, here I was a cozy afternoon pretty much to myself with baby snores to give me company. And I am battling with myself as to why I should not sleep. I was enjoying my book immensely, but an afternoon slumber... it's been a while.
I kept my book aside, switched of the lights... and slept. Slept for solid three hours in the middle of the afternoon. I am thinking V might have gotten up and seen me sleep, so she went back to bed.
Refreshed. Completely refreshed. After I woke up, I had this renewed energy in me. Wondering, why I don’t do this often.
I promised myself, once a month. Just nap in the afternoon on a weekend.

It has not happened yet... after that day. But I am hoping, sometime soon, I will be able to catch my siesta!
What about you, tried a lazy afternoon lately?


Anonymous said...

Mid afternoon naps used to be bliss,but ever since I started working they feel like a thing of the past :)

Garima said...

@ Dialoguewithyou... I hear you... try the weekend. Thats the only time I get as well. But sadly, there are so many other things happening... siesta's do seem like a thing of the past!

UmaS said...

Oh, its my fav...the afternoon used to be much longer before, now I've restricted to 30 mins only...I find that refreshing me fine...

Glad u listened to ur heart... ;) :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I am tempted enough to try this weekend :D