Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Sweet Tooth Fix- Fruit Parfait

I have a sweet tooth and I am a snacker by nature. Not the best combination, I tell you.
I try to make good food choices, but when you put anything with Chocolate in front of me, I get weak-kneed!
I am always on the hunt for some healthier sweet options. After some coaxing and ideas, here is my quick sweet tooth fix, healthy and it’s helping me finally use up the left over Vanilla Yogurt!

Things needed:
- Granola or Mixed nuts of choice or Crunchy Cereal or Cereal bars which are crushed up (I used Oats & Honey Cereal Bar crushed coarsely with hand.)
- Flavored Yogurt or Low Fat Yogurt sweetened with Honey or Sugar (per taste). For my maiden attempt I used Non-Fat Vanilla & Strawberry Yogurt.
- Fruits- Oranges, Mandarins, Berries, bananas, Cherries
- For Dressing up - Almonds etc.

1. Get a tall glass or dessert cup. I used Martini Glasses for the presentation pizzazz.
2. Put 2-3 Spoons of vanilla yogurt in the glass.
3. Layer with Granola/ Crushed Cereal bar. (About 1/2 inch thick)
4. Add fruit of choice to form a thick layer. (I used Mandarins)
5. Add another layer of yogurt (I used Strawberry Yogurt for second layer)
6. Dress it up with fruits, almonds, more granola- Your Choice!

So basically the revised Parfait is all about layering:
Yogurt- Granola- Fruit-Yogurt-Granola and so on.
If you like it crunchy, add more granola.

Eat Away!

Other Ideas:
- If you are using plain yogurt with honey sweetness, and want color. Either add fresh Strawberry puree, Mango Puree etc, for colorful layers.
- Feel free to add Essence, Saffron or Cinnamon/ Cardamom to the yogurt for the additional touch.
- If you do need a chocolate touch, put Hershey's Chocolate syrup on top. But mind you, the healthy part goes away with that!
- Alternatively add some chocolate chips on top layer for presentation!

So I am all set to try a few more variations of my Sweet fix!

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UmaS said...

I was waiting to see a pic of that wonderful layering by the end of the post...oh no, u disappointed me... :P :P :P

Enjoy these little treats !!! :)