Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commuting woes or lack of.......

So far I have been lucky (or convincing enough) to Sumit, that we live close to my work. Never in my career in US has my work commute been more than 20 minutes. Most recently it was a 20 minute walk at a really easy pace. On the other hand, husband's commutes are always north of 45 minutes. It may have been train, car or combined. So yeah, I have been getting the better side of the deal. And I am not complaining. 
When we decided to move to London, since knew I'd be on a mini sabbatical, I said, this time for once, let's live near your work place. Our temporary accommodation was 10 minutes away from his work. I would see him often home before 6:30 p.m. Which trust me,in our household is unheard of. he liked it and we loved it.
However when we started looking for schools and apartments, somehow V's school took priority and now we are 10  minutes walking from her big girl school and sadly, 30 minutes away from his work place. Hubby, sorry you still have to commute. But, we did get the place of our choice, in our top area.......well the commute lives on. But 30 is better than 45 right?

Yes, let the congratulations for finally finding a place to call home begin. 
And yes, let the fun of settling in begins as well.

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