Monday, June 13, 2011

One short - long train ride

Over the weekend we took the infamous tube. The train ride was suppose to be only two stops, so give or take five minutes. Really short train ride if you will. But this train ride also turned out to be the longest train ride till date.....thanks to a really really inquisitive and nosy toddler...the star of that evening. Miss V.

So we manage to get in a very crowded train with stroller et al. And before we could even settle down, V points to a passenger standing right behind me saying.
" Mummy why is that boy so short. He needs to be so tall " accompanied by the hand actions and a loud clear shrilly three year old voice. I was turning red, avoided looking behind me, but am sure all the people beside me checked out the boy for sure. She repeated.
" mummy that boy is not as tall....he needs to be." and I could simply say, "honey not nice to point." 
But I am sure she did not hear me, since before I could finish my sentence, she screamed, pointing to the same man again...
" mummy why is that boy wearing earrings, boys don't wear earrings. That's not very nice." by this time my face was crimson, and I kept wondering, gawd,......where the hell is my stop, I was too embarrassed, giggly and crimson shaded. . Miss V repeated "mummy why is he wearing earrings, eeeeew, boys don't wear that." please someone press the eject button on the train, so we are outside the train....please....aargh.

Innocent questioning and logic of a three year old left me speechless and rolling on the floor laughing the minute I got off the train.

I am sorry, anonymous boy....I really am. I was too numb in the five minute train ride to practice goos parenting. V has been since advised that it's not nice to point, comment or describe strangers and above all not there attributes. 

However she is still confused why some men wear earrings and her father, mama, dada don't! 


Prutha said...

never show her my blog!! lol

Archana said...

hahaha...poor dear ... oh well at least you had an eventful train ride :)

Garima said...

@ Prutha... your red hair picture was duly shown.. reacxtions to be told via phone ;-)

@ Archana.... thanks a lot. it was eventful, unforgettable!