Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter to london

Dear London

I like you, I really do. I love the multi culture feel, the city, the tube, the cafes, the mango's, the food. I love that I don't have to explain every other person, that vegetarian means no fish or that mangos are not exotic fruit, but an essential. I love how the people welcome you, not complain about the rains but just shrug the shoulders and say, "about time eh" I like the cheery attitude of the city and how the conversations are not about the weather, but about cultures, weekend multi country trips. I like it all, but you are not making it easy to make me like it more and more. Are you?
Yes London, this is ranty post, not about you, but the 'system' or lack of.
It's taken over eight trips to the 'neighborhood' phone store, three calls and four frustrated conversations in the past six days....and I am still without a phone after almost a month being here. And making other trips to the store.
The excuse I get all the time for the 'sloppiness' is the system. Or "that's how it is." seriously?
It's been over three weeks  I  have had an offer on the place I could call home, but sadly I still don't know. it took me three realtors negotiating and figuring it out, but still the response I get is 'couple of hours' I have been hearing that for more than 3 weeks now. Seriously?
It's takes you two seconds to tell me 'top up' the travel card, I do so dutifully with the cc card. But when I use the same cc card, say at a phone shop, you regretfully tell me 'sorry, systems issue'
Seriously ?

I know, I know.....I should give it time. I am, but with each passing day, I actually think, how much more. 
At some level, i think, it's better to be in the service apt. I have a hunch, if and when I do eventually move in my own place, the landline, the electric bill, the county tax, the cable.....all will take eons and be handful and mouthful. I know it. The 'system' comes into play for such stuff. 

I don't get it, you get millions of people moving into the city, they take phones, new leases,  cells, cables, TV. It's not unheard of. Right? Why does all this very basic stuff feel like the first time the city does it? I don't get it.

Help me a bit out here....... I really like the city, the 'system' is beginning to frustrate me a bit.

Not very Cheerful,

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