Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorry....but now I am back.

It took a friend beating me up on email and saying " you are suppose to be free now " to realize, even with not working currently I am more busy. I have neglected a lot of missed calls, emails and also the blog. For which, trust me......point noted. I am making it a point to be at least weekly here on it's a start and on  Mommy-in-making. Pakka. 
And yes my google reader is untouched for a will catch up soon. Pakka.
But on a positive note, I am reading. Two books in a week. Great start. Sumit got me the books from the library and then just coyly placed them on the night stand. I am back to reading paper backs. Me like.
Besides that, adjusting in new country is on. It's a lovely place but you really don't realize subtle differences in a new country without living in one. Visiting a place and living in one are two completely different things.
Here has been my major adjustments. 
Apartment hunting needs middle men, realtors and for the same place it can take three different realtors to negotiate the best rates for you. Hmm. 
Schools, this is big. Somehow, their timings are just not that friendly to both parents working. Schools are from 9 to 3:30. Hmm. So let me get this, I drop kid at school at 9 get to work and then either have a nanny or some other help get the child for evenings. Hmm. After school programs, yes they exist. But are really expensive, hmm. I am figuring this piece out...tune into Mommy-in-making for more rants about this.
Stairs, lots and lots of them. Here is where I miss my car sometimes. Ok, more than sometimes.
Kitchens being 'rooms' and not open kitchens. I love cooking, but somehow not being able to talk to family or watch tv or just feel like a part while enjoying something will definitely take some getting used to.
But.....adjustments aside, london is as vibrant as they say.
Food, vegetarian options, flavors.....don't let me even start. The piled on pounds is proof enough.
Roses, every city corner has them and they smell wonderful. I had forgotten the smell of flowers. Trust me on this.
Travel. Within a few hours one can explore so many different terrains, cultures and again food. We have only begun, but our day trip to simple Brighton was a great start.
Literature, I have seen cafe's named- Yates, little Dorrit. Need I say more.
History, and the mix of the old and new. This is what amazes me. From my hotel I look out, on one end I see st. Paul's cathedral and the other side I see the Shard and both form a part of the skyline blending in beautifully.


UmaS said...

Am glad to read a update here....enjoy ur moments. :)

Garima said...

! Uma... so sweet for stopping by