Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bonds of a lifetime

You may be fifty, fifteen... there is something about the bond, the friendship and the camaraderie... of the "sistahood" of our girl friends.
I feel like a school girl, when I hang out with us girls, I may not have met some for a decade, and some I just met ten minutes ago, there still a familiarity, a smile and loads of giggles.
I wonder why they say: Girl cannot be a girl’s friend! It is so untrue.
After parenthood, I do see a lot of changes in me and my relationships. Some good and some not so.. But something stays consistent always!
I remember knocking on my neighbor, a very dear friend’s door often, either for a cup of chai or us just sitting and wondering why "Vivaah" was such a bad movie but a tear jerker none the less. I remember being really scared of telling my girl friend when I was pregnant. I know she'd be super happy but still super OMG-You are gonna have a baby. There are countless coffees at JATC and countless hours spend in chocolate shops defining our friendships.
There are enough planned and unplanned lunches, movies, walks, teas that I still try to get to. I remember fondly "lecturing" my friend on relationships while still figuring out my own. I smile when I think about the first time, my girl friends literally pinned me down in the salon for getting my eyebrows done. Till date, when I step in the salon to get my eye brows done, I laugh! I look forward to my email chain with girl friends; I look forward to discussing why Shrek 3 will be such a good movie or how we HAVE to see Sex and the CIty-2. I enjoy the charm, the comfort and the fun of it all.
I have written a lot of times here and about the need, the stress reliever and the fun factor of friendships. Somehow I feel like I am repeating myself right now...

As I see my daughter growing up in front of me... How she excitedly tells me how she played and whom she played with. I can only imagine the hundreds and thousands of dollars she will also spend on coffees, gatherings, mani-pedi's, chick-flicks and still what she will gain at the end of it will be priceless!


Shilpa said...

so so very true... friends are priceless :)

Smitha said...

Couldn't agree more! Girlfriends are priceless! I can't understand who made up that thing about girls not being friends!!!!!

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa... :-) Very soon, i seem to be brewing up a decent post on virtual friends!
@ Smitha... Its so weird, May be some one who didnt have the right friends to begin with.. or someone who could not appreciate what they had!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Amen to this...friends are priceless, indeed ...couldn't have said it better myself!!!

Pinnacle said...

madam, on this note, when are we going for mani-pedi?

Pinnacle said...
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GNSD said...

@ Priyanka... Man I miss our girsl night!!! Long Time!

@ Pinnacle.. Coming week pakka.. will set it up