Monday, October 7, 2013

I think WE have figured out this parenting thing

Honestly, I think Sumit and I have nailed it.
 And here is why:
 V, my 5 year old wakes up middle of the night wailing and sobbing.
The dad aka Sumit just walks to V's room, asks her to throw up 'properly' and then like machine work- puts every piece of fabric from her room in the laundry. He opens the windows and sprays in the room freshener.
The mom aka Me doles out of bed, cleans up V, asks if all is well. She then gets water for the kid and herself. Hugs and says it’s okay to sleep in mummy-papa's bed tonight.
 And then the perfect family just goes off to sleep, like nothing happened.

It’s another Monday morning of Business As Usual.

This makes me think, we worked like a well-oiled machine and I think we have figured out this 'parenting thing' until next throw up of course

And yep, that’s exactly what happened last night. At Midnight.

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