Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A decade old.... or a decade young!

Miss V, my Chatterbox, my wonderful, my kid who continues to amaze me (and push her limits):  You are officially a decade young old

Yes, you are 10, in double digits and oh man, where did the time go!

This day, ten years ago: My doctor says: Your child is ready to come in the world and I say, hell no, I have 2 more weeks left and above all, I just dropped off Sumit at airport for his work travels! Nope, the doctor says, the kid is coming in 2 days!
Oh well, I call hubby dearest as he gets off the plane across the country! "Yes honey, you heard me right, come back by tomorrow"

He returned, my mom calmed me down and I went in at 7 am to the hospital!
At 10 am, my doctor tells me: "Ma'm, you are about to have a baby, please keep the blackberry aside. " I chuckle... and then around 5 pm, Miss V arrives. A girl! A beautiful perfect girl!

That was a decade ago!
Miss V you are ten! You are entering "Double Digits"

You are fierceless, you take on challenges, you are a perfectionist and above all you are a girl who wants to change the world and challenge the norms and at the same time your sensitivity and your attempts at not crying to be 'strong' leave me dumbfounded!

You love to help me cook and yet are forced to lay the table and clean up!
You are creative and have yet have a sucky handwriting.
You love to read and yet hate to document a book report.
You are religious and yet question some values preached.
You are you, sweet cheeks (Yes I know you hate to be called 'sweet cheeks")

You are my daughter. And I could not be prouder!

Here are your ten highlights!

1. You donated 12 inches of your hair for Wigs for Kids and smiled!
2. You are a fish, competing, learning and swimming.
3. Soccer remains your true love and you now have jerseys of your favorite teams/ players. And now our dearest friend costum made a soccer necklace with your name engraved!
4. The writer in you is shining and man your narration leaves us spell bound
5. You have taken on Kathak and I am impressed with your dedication to this classical form
6. You are happiest while travelling, be it swimming in El Nido or hiking the Great Wall
7. Oh yes, you are competitive. Even in the smallest things, you like a challenge
8. You kick my ass in scrabble, not fair!
9. With your sister, you half adore her, half fight with her but you are 100% by her all the time!
10. You truly are amazing (even with the eyerolls, the subtle drama, the stomping of feet, the misty eyes, the soft snuggles)

Miss V, Miss Chatterbox: Welcome to double digits!

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