Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Imperfect evening!

With the spouse travelling, I am manning the fort, which honestly is generally I sometimes look forward to.
Magically things happen on time, kids have enough time in the evenings to squeeze in a board game, or read a book together and more often than not, I am snoring away at 9 pm with stuff sorted for next morning. Yes of course, I miss Sumit!!!

One such evening however, was a DISASTER. A funny disaster, and so I had to share....
Pick ups went smoother than normal, we actually came home prior to swim class for kids to chill and for me to prep dinner!

Debacle 1: The pressure cooker leaked massively covering my kitchen counter, floor and back splash with daal, imagine a slippery yellow slime 'everywhere'!

Debacle 2: Shortly after, I begin cleaning and managed to pick up the hot plate without realizing how hot it is, implying 'minor scream: its hot its hot' and fingers reddened up

I said, Done, lets head for swimming before some thing else!!!
We came back... and

Debacle 3: While unloading the jackets, i managed to hit a heavy box which plopped straight on my leg and again 'minor scream': my leg  my leg

It was comical, a minute later, the three chicas at home burst out laughing.
I messaged a dear friend saying, I give up for tonight!

Kids ate, plain old daal-chawaal, chuckled themselves to sleep.

I cleaned the debacles, iced my leg and hit the bed at 8:30 strategically before i wreck something else!

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