Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018 & Good Bye 2017

No I will not say, "the year went by so fast!!!"

What I will say is, knock on wood and count our blessings and above all, be very very thankful. The year 2017 is now done and what a wonderful and "balanced" year for sure!

2017 for me was sprinkled with love, work satisfaction, lots of memorable vacations, lots of milestones and changes and the ups and downs of life in general. And I continue to see the world with rose tinted glasses.

We traveled, swam with the whale sharks in Philippines, jetskied in Lake Syracuse, biked on our very own Lake Shore Drive and ended the year a memorable full blown trip to China! We forged new friendships, deepened a few relationships. Above all we thrived. I thrived. Of course there were downs, some hurt, some sorrow, some WTF moments, and some stupidity but for me a year is marked always with the "feeling" and right about now, i have a feeling of contentment.

Kids are doing well, they are now 5 and almost 10. They are beautiful and strong girls and above all happy kids! My husband continues to be my biggest rock and I smile at the end of the day! 
Our parents love us, respect our choices and above all knock on wood, are happy to keep their lives on a pause to help us out when we need them the most. 
Our siblings only get closer as time progresses. I have friends who will come in and take charge, pick up my slack and help with the minutiae details and above all just be there for me. And I only wish, I can do the same for them!

Of course "Getting Fit" is not just about physical transformations; it is also about mental peace. This has been a health wise better year for me. Working out at 6 am to sticking to my goals and above all not letting injuries take over my spirit (most of the time).  This year I learned, albeit the hard way, the concept of fair-weather people. As Sumit would say, about time! Onwards and Upwards.

2017, thank you for a great year! A memorable year and definitely a milestone year!

2018, I welcome you. I know its going to be a BIG year and I am scared, nervous and yet full of hope for what it holds.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead. Remember to smile, breathe and hug!

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