Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What a week!!!!

I feel wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated after a vacation and it feels good. This time around the Holiday's it was a stay-cation for us.
The vacation started with an exciting trip to the water park, followed by a week dotted with lazy lunches and even lazier dinners, meeting friends and sprawled on the couch. We  did manage to complete a couple of (time consuming) home projects, we slept in and above all we played a lot of board games and danced a little more!

Come January 1st, we are slowing waking up from the slumber of the vacation and getting ready for the back to school, back to work, back to scheduled life mode. As I call it, "Regular Scheduled Programming".
But on that last day of stay-cation, I wanted to end it on a bang!
I didn't want left overs from deliciousness before, it was too cold to step out for dinner and definitely didn't want to order in! But I wanted good food!!!

So I got cracking on it. Making one favorite dish for all 4 members for the dinner

Cucumber Sabzi: For myself
Palak Paneer      : For Little Lady
Kadhi                 : For Miss Chatterbox
Ajwain Paratha  : For Sumit

I dont know what it was, whether the softness of the paratha, the heat of the kadhi or just the kids hogging the food without nagging (yes, even little lady) or us four sitting on the dining table and laughing through the meal, dinner was perfect!

A wholesome meal is a brilliant way  to kick start the Year !!!!

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