Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Movie Mania

A simple movie.. a simple theme and for once.... a nice one!
We stumbled upon the movie: "Chance Pe Dance" this Sunday evening. Needless to say, the name was not that exciting and I was not super sure of the movie. But it seemed good enough for the mood! So we started it. And guess what... I really liked it. It turned out to be perfect.
See the cynic in me, was literally waiting for the movie to go downhill, to get corrupted by the "formula's" that seem to work and was waiting for some cheekiness. And I was sure, I would ask SD To turn it off. See I am known for leaving movies midway cuz they suck.
But pleasantly, the movie stayed light, fun, happy, and quick paced.
It was a very simple story with a very strong message: One chance... Sometimes in life, you need only one chance to do something. The chance does not come to you, you have to struggle, search and do a lot of hard work for it. When one door closes, there are a few other openings, you have to look. Then you have to push it hard enough that it stays open and then you grab on really really hard.
And another very subtle one... which I am still debating in my mind about.... If you want something, though you have been wronged before, it is okay to swallow your pride in order to ask again. I know this sounds weird, since the 'Big Fat Ego' is one of our main faults/assets. But in the movie, in the actor's situation, it took a lot of courage for Shahid to go and ask again for something which was rightfully his to begin with..... don’t let me kill the movie for you... just go see it...
Of course Shahid Kapoor looks amazing.. adorable does not suit him anymore. And Genelia was super bubbly and her energy is addictive. Very nice performances.

On a side note.... I finally saw the movie "Up" and loved it. Feel good movie this one.!.


Shilpa said...

I liked up too :)
Chance pe Dance ... liked it more for Shahid's dancing :P

Piper .. said...

Hey, I was on travel and hence the delayed responses! :) I must watch this movie. Just yesterday, I took an online membership to a website which shows the latest bollywood movies! :):) Finally I have access! :):)

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa.....He is one of the better dancers for sure!
@Piper.. welcome back... I hope you like Chance pe Dance... and enjoy the bollywood flicks... so much fun!