Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cough.. Sniff... Ouch!

I hate feeling sick.. I know so do you. No one likes it. But, I hate feeling sick when I am sick. I tend to keep myself more occupied, busier and go about life like I am perfectly fine even if I am nursing fever and something. My reasoning, this way, I don’t "feel sick" but feel normal and the mind will tell the body to get better sooner.
Over the years, SD and I have discussed this often. When he is under the weather, just give him the blanket, the TV remote and the fluids. He is perfectly fine snuggling in and just being. On the contrary, when I am unwell, I like to go about life like normal. I would prefer being out, or doing things around the house and being on the move even if I am down with 101F. I don’t like just taking it easy. Since if I do, I self pity myself and I hate it. It’s weird, per SD.
For me, it’s normal. It's funny since when I was full term, I remember my gynac telling me: Take it easy. Don’t run around so much. I argued. I want to feel useful and not just sit around with a protruding belly. SD was given the herculean task of ensuring I don’t do anything over and above for at least two weeks. ;-)
Yesterday was different. I was feeling unwell; I knew I was coming down with something. I left work early and slept in the afternoon. I snuggled in the blanket and SD went around the house to maintain some decorum. He pretty much did everything that needed to be in done in the evening power hours. And except getting up for water, I slept in the bed. He closed the bedroom door, took V out, made dinner and played with her. He fed her and me, and let me just be. For once, I actually let myself take a break.
And honestly, it felt good. I am still not recovered completely, but I think by being out and about as well, I would not have recovered any sooner. For one sick evening, I didn’t mind taking a sick day!
I can imagine SD giggling while reading this and saying: "See I told you so!"


Maddie said...

I totally agree with you. I too cannot sit idle when am sick. It's so boring na? Plus you feel you have all kinds of illness when you just lie down and rest. But once in a while you should rest :)Take care

Lakshmi said...

I am like you too, cannot take rest when sick. I can do that when I am totally well though :)

Get well soon. SD is a sweet husband:)

UmaS said...

Yeah, its difficult to sit around while feeling sick, but I am forcing it on myself now a days, to get some rest...otherwise, its like a spindle going non-stop. And sometimes I feel, the body needs it more than my mind.

Take care and a lot of rest too...glad he is helping around. :)

Garima said...

@ Maddie, Idle mind... thats what it is... but this time, I slept and then I slept some more!

@ Lakshmi.. SD is adorable.. and he pretty much forced me to sleep in! Thanks to him, only left with congestion now!

@ UmaS: Yes, though I was running around the entire weekend, I was happy, since I got enough downtime the week before!