Friday, August 20, 2010

An evening to remember.....

And I get amazed... every time I go to Chicago Summer Dance Festival... How are the people old enough to be my grandparents so nimble, so excited and dancing without a care in the world. I as usual was astounded.
As I held hands with a 74 year old on one side, my daughter's finger in my other hand and we danced to the music of XXX last night, I realized after 15 minutes of covering the dance floor, I was huffing, but people on either side of me were still energetic. The lady was adorable, she would tell me, oh right leg first and then left and then back and then front. I followed her along. My husband joined as well... but both of were mesmerized at how lively this grey generation was.
When I looked around, I saw a few people on the chairs; they were either people of our generation or our future generation- the infants. Besides that, everyone was giggling, laughing, following, leading and dancing in unison.
I caught an elderly couple in the corner. Just holding each other’s hands and gazing at each other. For them, we probably didn’t exist. The smiles were equal to those of the "first kiss" feel, the gaze was the "new love" like and the warmth was well known to both. It was magical.
As I staredgazed, at them... I noticed; they were not the isolated ones. There were so many other couples! Full of Life, Full of Love.
What makes them so different and so energetic?
I get that 40 is the new 30 and that concept. But I don’t get, how 74 is the new 40? Impressive!
Recently on our camping trip, I had met another couple- 55 years of age and running at least 2-3 marathons a year. And here I was, generation Y, scared to even commit for a 5K.
25 years from now, I want to be them. I want to hold SD's hand as my support; I want to be dancing, exploring, learning new things. I want to be energetic and not just sit on the sidelines and discuss the time that went by, but look forward to the time ahead, the time left.
In addition to enjoying V's dancing, I learned one thing last night from the 74 year old dancing whiz..... Look ahead in life, cover the entire dance floor. It does not matter if you are 2.5 years old, 29 years or 74 years.


Lakshmi said...

Beautiful post - I feel more upbeat :) I can imagine you like that only many years down :), so full of energy. Keep going Garima and SD :)

UmaS said...

WOW !!! That gives a satisfaction of life lived well and still being enjoyed. :)

God willing, I would like to see myself getting more busy and not sit and idle, in my old age.

Garima said...

@ Lakshmi.... Thanks girl.. Crossing my fingers and hoping that will be us a few years from now!

@ UmaS... I know.. how cool is that. And yes, I can see you being super active in the old age as well.

Keeping the spirit alive.. one day at a time