Monday, August 23, 2010

Eavesdropping is so much fun!

Son: I sent you a card in the mail.
Mother: Oh, I just checked the mail, there is none?
Son: Hmm, It should be there, I sent it three days ago.
Mother: Hmm, the servers are down, may be.
Son: Yeah, may be the service is down.
Mother: Are you sure, you didn’t forget my birthday and are making it up now.
Son: Of course not mother, I sent it to you over mail so you'd be surprised.
Mother: Hmm, Let me check it on the computer once more.
Son: why the computer, I didn't add tracking on the card.
Mother: huh? No mail yet. I am sure you forgot.
Son: No, Ma, I swear! What kind of a son you think I am?
Mother: Oh-ho... You sent it via mail.
Son: yes, mother, via mail
Mother: Tch Tch.... I mean the old-fashioned way: The postal mail and not email.

Son & Mother and over hearing Me: All burst out laughing!