Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A non-post.

I am going through a writer's blogger's block if you will. I should be maintaining my two blogs and writing cute stories and angst posts. I should be really starting to work on my posts for Smartly Chicago or The Chicago Moms or other sites I contribute to. I should be commenting, writing, reading. But right now - I have a block. I am suddenly out of content.
I walk home and I have thoughts flowing freely… but when I sit down to type, I just can’t. I want to think, to form sentences, to let the thoughts flow, to write, I keep opening my notepad, type a few words, but nothing seems to flow. No idea, no cute funny stories, no point which has to be made, no arguments, judgments or even stories. Nothing. Nada.
what happened?
It’s not like life is at a full stop. There is lots happening, lots of people who cut me off, lots of people whom I cut off, lot of introspection and lots of cute relatable incidents that I could generally write about. But I just can’t do it.
It’s not like I don’t have time, I mean I do have the same amount of time I had before. Then why?
I guess, I should just breathe. I could count to ten, be myself and stop judging my own writing. I should remind myself that I write because I enjoy it and may be someone else can relate to it as well. I should blog, be honest and just go with the flow.
But for today, for now, I’ll just have an ice breaker-
Hi, I am Garima and hope you come back for more interesting reads than this non-post. But for today, for now…. Please excuse my downtime.

I will have my caffeine shot and get back for more at: It's a Start!


Harsh Nahar said...

Nicely written.

HS said...

I am going through the block right after my first post! Do lemme know if you figure out a trick to overcome this :)

Garima said...

@ Bhaia.... thanks! But seriosuly.. can not write.. "I Nee Help!"

@HS... Will defi share the tip. For now, i should go and check out your blog!