Monday, August 9, 2010

A day that might not come.

I have shied away from writing about politics, the corruption, the politico's termed as gods for a reason. There is no point.
What's the point of now "OMG" at the status of the common wealth games? So what it was decided 8 years ago for India to host it? So what if the tenders, the budget, the location was all public knowledge. So what only a few weeks before the game, did people realize...OMG... we are not ready to host the Common Wealth Games.
The games which could have catapulted the host country's image! India's vibrant colors as a tourist location, as a flavorful country, as a modern yet cultured place, as an almost developed country would have been showcased across the world. The tri-color would have symbolized progress, vision, history and above all the achievement.
When I talk with my colleagues from around the world, I always tend to hear something along the lines of: India is an amazing country. I really want to see the land of snake charmers and the land of the tech gods. But, It's just way too dirty and way too complicated for a simple vacation. It's just not worth it.
And I assure you, I am not making it up.
I am an Indian, and a proud one. But I also know, no country is perfect. My dreams of seeing India hosting the F-1 race or the Olympics or any international level games of quality seem very distant. The Common Wealth Game could have showcased India for what it wants to be, for what it can be and for what it’s capable of. Look at how China and more recently Africa learned and earned from hosting the games! Sadly.... only the not-so-good, the-corrupt, the short terms visionary's got showcased.
Am I doing something to brings about change? No. Am I trying, No... Yes, I am one of the million other people who are on the sidelines saying "Tch Tch". I may go as far as saying. Better Luck Next Time... But after this shame, do you think, we the Indian people think we are ready for it? Can we handle it? Can we actually implement a long term plan which will benefit the country and eventually us? Instead of… let me fill my own pockets and as for long term. What long term?
There will be more scandals, the TRP's will increase not because of the games but for the scandal. There will be some politician who will resign. There will be some morcha, some slogans, some heart burn.
Even to the optimist in me... it seems like a day that never will come. The day where we are on the forefront, considered a hot tourist location, a smart country, a flexible country, a country where the good has started outweighing the bad!


UmaS said...

Oh, this CWG scandal is really bad and makes us sad...when will we ever come out of all this and rise to the occasion ???

And when we see the tax-payers money being swindled like this, it irritates and angers us more.

rashmi said...

CWG is brining nation shame instead of nation's pride..
I dont say it was wrong step to take the initiative of hosting international level game but using it merely for filling ur own pocket is such a bull shit..Corruption is there in every county..If ppl use even 50% of total money allocated then also we would have been in better shape..but as per report it seems only 20-25% money is actually being used in building stadium extra and rest all in pocket of politician.
4000Rs for one toilet roll...Is it made of gold or what... and 4lac /day for gym maching...we could have brought several maching rather then taking it on lease...
This CWG news just makes me too angry and sad that tax payers money is going in some corrupt politician's locker :-(

Garima said...

@ Rashmi.. I hear you completely... Well the TP better be made of gold... but hang on, that would itch when you use it.. may be it is made of paper..

How did they decide on it? have people use 50 different brands, for that they had to eat lots of food.. and then crap all of it out as well!

jaish_vats said...

Hi Garima

We should introduce a system wherein the public do not pay taxes as money but as items like toilet paper or gym m/c or whatever. :)