Monday, February 14, 2011

35 years!!!

It’s my In law's 35th Anniversary Today! Wow... Congratulations to them.
Though we will be not be there for celebrations in India! I am sure, they know we are there smiling and cheering them along.
Knock on wood, I am blessed. I have a good relation with my In-Laws. I have utmost respect for them and they adore me as well.
Since we live here in US and they in India, in the first few years of marriage, except phone calls, occasional Skypes and our busy trips to India, I didn’t really spend all that much time with them.
But right after we had V, my in-laws came to US for the first time. We spent a good five months together. Needless to say, before they came, I was a bit worried. How will I manage? Hope they still like me after they spend so much time with me. Hope I don’t become one of those- really uptight bahu's and honestly, I was scared. Since it was the first time of the entire family was going to under one roof.
Most of my worries went out the door very quickly.
They were the sweetest, very understanding and a whole lot of fun! My FIL would spend hours just playing with V. Telling her stories, rhyming poems and all this while, the four month old V would just stare at him and may be smile. He would wait patiently just for that one smile. My MIL is a fabulous cook. She completely got our 'quest' for healthier eating and would cook up the most amazing oil free paratha's. When I would return from work, before I could even put my bag down, our tea would be ready. We both would sit enjoy tea, chit chat and I would play with V.
Both my FIL- MIL are like a well oiled machine. Both have their own share of health complications. But they stand by each other strong. They get each other. Every time, I would try to 'cook' something special for them, my MIL would remind me.. oh your papa does not eat this or that. Every time I would plan an activity with her, FIL would tell me her preferences. It's very different for our parents generation- I don’t think I have seen them or even my own parents hold hands in front of us, or say I love you! But the care they show each other in small and big things is amazing. Actions speak louder than words!
My In-laws would know how the other would react in a given situation. For example- Taking FIL golfing with Sumit and his friends. My MIL said, oh he would love to try it out. And he did. Asking Papa- will mummy like Pasta. He said, as long as you spice it up, she would love it. And she did. After 35 years of togetherness, they completely get each other.

Papa, Mummy: wishing you a Very Happy Anniversary and hope you celebrate decades of togetherness!!!

We love you- Sumit, Garima, V!

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Lakshmi said...

This is such a sweet post. They are lucky to have you as DIL as well :) 35 years wow, my wishes to them too :)