Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am a movie snob!

There I said it!
I call it: "I have low tolerance for crappy Hindi movies" but.. I have been told (to some extent rightly) I am movie snob.
I can’t just pop any movie on DVD/ In Netflix or go in theaters and come out happy. I need to do my research, get feedback, possibly read Wiki about the said Hindi Movie and then say- Hmm.
Minus the cult classics and the ones I KNOW will have to be watched no matter what, I am a movie snob!
Sumit on the other hand is a movie addict. Any movie, he'll watch it. Sleep through it, wake up, rewind and watch it again. I think the only movie he willingly turned off in less than 30 minutes was Kites.
But back to the point- He is my movie list creator. He will watch a lot of movies and then shortlist the ones that I should/ must watch. Then he will watch it again with me and really be tensed through it- hoping, that I am enjoying the movie.
Now cut me some slack, I am not tyrannical- I won’t be cussing or shouting- "What the hell is this!" But he will know- The shudder, the eye roll, the quick yawn! And I feel bad for him, I really do. Poor fellow. Yes now you can sympathize with him.
So after all his hard work of creating my “Must Watch List that snobby Garima might enjoy”- I am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the following
- Atithi tum kab jaaoge
- Band Baaja Baraat (Loved this one…. A lot! A refreshing change.)
(And please excuse that I am reporting not recent movies now.... my snobbery has resulted me in watching them now)
The next on my must watch list (prepared painstakingly by husband!) is
- Phus gaya re Obama
There are others which are under review and will be shortlisted for my viewing pleasure shortly.
Sumit, Thanks a million for being patient and finding that one real gem of a movie in the tens of movies you endure. I love you for supporting my 'movie snobbery'

Note 1: There are others that need notable mention like-
Rajneeti (minus the crappy ending- Imagine this ending: They show Katrina as the politico and giving the shrewd look, like take that, it was my master plan to begin with!)

Note 2: Cult classics to me are movies which I can watch anytime, over and over again- Sarkar, OSO, Golmaal, Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila, Andaaz Apna Apna, Yuva, Omkara, K2H2, DDLJ, the 70's 80's generation movies. I am sucker for those... aaah.> Dharam in his romantic roles- Chupke Chupke ANyone. Amitabh in any of his roles. ..> I even enjoyed Shahn Shah, Rishi in the amazing amazing amazing chocolate lover boy with a soul, and the music of his movies... D. Anand- older classics.. and nothing can beat those

Note 3: For new releases.... I might watch them; it is very 'on mood'. Recently a bunch of my girls were going for No One Killed Jessica... and I bailed out last minute. I really was in mood for a lighter movie instead! But now that it’s on Netflix, I did watch it after ample feedback!

Note 4: Yes, I am pampered! Any recommendations from you, promise I wont bite!

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