Monday, February 7, 2011

Do you plan your dinners in advance?

I don’t. Well, I try to; but generally on my walk home, I think about which vegetable is almost spoiled, what's left in the fridge and above all what I think my tummy feels like eating. I sometimes can’t make up my mind and ask hubby and V, only to get confused and then make something completely different.
For busy lives, they recommend- plan your weekly menu in advance, will save you the procrastination! You can do grocery shopping accordingly and be on track. Hmm. Firstly, for us, hubby does the grocery shopping, so that's out the window and secondly- menu planning- I have tried that. Once. I stuck to one day in the entire week. The rest, it got too hard to keep up.
My household is not fussy when it comes to food. They eat what I cook. But we are a pampered lot. Over the years and a lot of experimentation later, our own standards of food at home have increased! We like to eat different things each night. Left over’s are perfect lunch the next day. The foodies in us makes it vary from Indian, to Thai, to Pasta's to Panini's to Mexican, to Lets mix and match - called Tapas night (in my mind!) ;-) all in a week's timeframe.

Hence, back to the original problem- What to make for dinner tonight? There are those evenings, when I say "Black Bean burgers tonight pakka"... and dinner turns out to be "Palak Roti" Just because I felt like being more involved in the kitchen! Hence my walk-home-menu-planning goes out the window.
I think of myself as an average planned person. So there are times, I know- I will pre-soak the beans or lentils, I will finely chop the vegetables in advance, or buy the sour dough bread for the Panini's from that one baker which we love! It’s not all that random. But generally speaking- for everyday dinners in our house- It's as random as it can get.

In your household, how do you decide- what's for dinner? How much time to you spend in deciding the menu? Does it bother you at all in what's for dinner tonight? Do you cook every day?


Anonymous said...

It's funny you say that but my gandmother and mum plan out the entire week and stick to it except for days when we have non-veg. I don't plan out my meals until the day before and sometimes two days for lentils to soak in. On days that we eat non-veg, it's pretty much what we feel like eating that day. Pre-planning can be boring dont you think?

Garima said...

@ Wording... wow... I am impressed. Sticking to it. I cant, just cant. I will try once again> i know I will not succeed!