Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whats in your snack drawer??

Come on... spill it. I know you have one.. A secret stash in office, a special place in home pantry where the 'snacky' food is kept. Something which you will just pop in your mouth, every time.. hmm ok sometimes when you open the drawer or pantry! Tell me?

For me, when I was pregnant. It was filled- with snack size khakhra (Like toasted Indian Bread), Cereal Bars, Candy, Peanuts, Nuts, Tazo Teas, Small M&M's, crackers/biscuits, cream filled biscuits, ready to pop-pop corn for sure and never can go wrong with the Hide & Seek Chocolate biscuits! Pretty much all these things. My team knew about it. They were kind enough to let me know what is almost run out and what they want as well- This way we all are covered.
Slowly and surely I am happy to report my snack drawer has reduced contents now. You can still always find, teas, crackers, cranberries, occasional candies, ready to mix- hot coco, occasional sun flower seeds (which I force myself to eat!!!). Sadly along with this, you can find all my coins, with which I occasionally satisfy my sweet cravings- thanks to the vending machine. But I climb five floors in order to get to the vending machine- hoping a. I burnt some calories to justify the chocolate and b. while climbing the floors, my sugar craving has died and I can happily just buy some peanuts instead!
In my pantry however, its a snackers paradise. Ask any of my friends, they'd attest. Our pantry is lovingly called a "Mini Indian Store". I blame my Marwadi tongue to justify the abundance of snacks. At home, I open the pantry to say, take out onions for dinner, the sev/ bhujiya is staring at me lovingly. I only happily oblige! :-(
I half wish, there can be a mini fridge with a transparent door in my pantry. This way, the fruits start back at me accusingly and I occasionally them up instead of hmmm the other fully fried snack galore I tend to munch on!
So that's my secret stash... what's yours?


Anonymous said...

Sev boondi and kachori :D

Lakshmi said...

It is always five stars and milky bars for me :) They somehow sneak into my shopping cart everytime!