Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wiki knowledge tells me: “oatmeal has high content of complex carbohydrates and water-soluble fiber that encourages slow digestion and stabilizes blood-glucose levels"
But I read that right now, just two minutes before I was about to write this post. All I knew about Oatmeal is- It’s super healthy, you must eat it and it fills you up in a nice way.
The first time I ate oatmeal, I hated it. Not a big fan of gooey things! But hubby was a big fan and introduced me to different flavors of oatmeal. During our pregnancy, I grew to love it. And though it’s not a staple meal in our house, we always have it in the house (Thanking Costco!)
Recently with Sumit and my brother starting P90X routine, the Oatmeal consumption increased tenfold. They got this amazing Fruit N Cream flavor which I heart! Sadly, the plain oatmeal sat at the back on my pantry.
Luckily I stumbled upon Priya's blog and was amazed at how many things she uses oat meal in! Hmm..
I tried this one: Mixing plain Oatmeal while making dough for Paratha's/ Roti. There is no looking back. So every now and then, I mix one packet of the plain quick oats in my wheat flour while making the dough. The resulting roti's have no special flavor or texture.. it’s like Roti but with the added benefits of oatmeal!
It makes me feel good.
I might slowly start trying other things that with Oatmeal in them... lets see. There is this- Poha & Oats Cookie which my sweet tooth is calling me to make!

Anyways, recently, I am trying to, at least one meal a day, start with oatmeal. So make one packet, add nuts, cranberries followed by normal food. This I think is doing the following- giving me benefits of oatmeal but more importantly, the main food portion is getting reduced since oatmeal is filling me up in a healthy way. I have done this now for six days in a row. Realistically I know I will not be able to sustain the daily. But even if I do this a couple of times a week for a meal a day- No Harm Done.

Any Oatmeal ideas/ recipe's you got?

The most recent one I saw is Chefdruk's Oatmeal cake.. Yumm Yumm Yumm.. Vanessa I have to try it!


UmaS said...

Thats a gud idea - oatmeal in parathas.... :) :) Am trying it for sure... :)

I did this for snack, for my daughter who hates corn flakes or oats...
Melt milk chocolate and a little butter and mix with a cup of corn flakes and oats - good thing to munch on....

Garima said...

Uma... That sounds wonderful. And chocolate, one cant go wrong with that. WIll try it soon!