Monday, March 21, 2011


From a very delightful weekend. This weekend goes in one of those I call: "Memorable".
It ranges from lone time in rajai, a good book "Lunch In Paris" and warm tea to all the hooligan madness of Holi which I played after a decade and was V's first time as well. Good times. We met a lot of friends, enjoyed family brunches which took me back to India just like I was at my parents home, we stayed in bed and cuddled V and had V jump all over the bed with a monkey in her hand. We went for a movie Hop with V thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing (AIM) for offering preview tickets to my family just in time for Easter. It is a delightful movie for kids. Wait for April 1 and then definitely take the kiddos for it. We enjoyed a lovely Holi dinner with friends and smacked on the yummiest Pakoda Kadhi ever. Seriously Ever. It was fun seeing the kids just go round and round and sing 'I Like to Move it, move it" thanks to the Madagascar Show we went for.
Yes all in a weekend!
It was wonderful.
A city is not fun for the weather, the rents, and the tourist attractions. It is fun with the people that surround you and make the experience memorable. I am happy to report, as a family we are blessed with delightful friends and lots of shoulders to carry V around when she just wants a little extra 'hugs'.
As I always say: I heart Chicago


UmaS said...

How much I would love that ???? A book in hand and totally laid back on a rajai....BLISS. :)

Glad u all enjoyed playing holi. :) :)

Teddy with fangs said...

Holi after a decade! :) must have been some feeling with the little one in tow... :)
Please tell Vedu 'I love Madagascar' and we can both play King Julian + Maurice if she likes? :))))