Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am bored

of winters... Very tired of all the layering. And needless to say a tad bit irritated!
It’s March and no signs of spring! Bo Hooo...

Here is my winter month-by-month mood.

October: I put my summer dresses, shorts, capris, clothes away. Happily I take out all the jackets, sweaters and scarves. I am excited at the upcoming festivities. The lovely chill in air and just some time to be indoors and recoup from crazy busy summers.
November: My fall jackets get replaced by winter jackets. The scarves are colorful, the winter boots are not in yet... but the mood is chirpy and it has a lot to do with the sugar rich season!
December: The first snow hits the ground, it’s pretty green and red all over. People are jolly, happy, and cheerful. I love sipping my hot cocoa and look out on pristine white roads. Even clearing the car of snow is playful!
January: The layering increases, the warm socks are not warm enough. But the cheer sort of remains. It might to do with possibly my daughter's birthday this month. My colorful scarves get replaced by the winter woolen ones!
February: That’s it. It can’t stop snowing, stop being cold and there is no major distraction from weather. It’s just plain cold. Simple. And its annoying Simple.
March: A hint of spring and then bad days follow. Again. The indoors start to creep in. The spring cleaning begins but no spring is in sight. I defy weather and wear a dress only to stop feeling my legs in five minutes. Come April my mind says
April: I cautiously check outside. It’s sunny but chilly, not cold, chilly. I test out layering down a bit. I possibly take V just one day to the park. I am still wary and not hopeful. But I make the most of that "two days in a row" sun effect!
May: Are you kidding me? Still 40's, WTH! I need 70's now, my summer clothes are wilting away. I have gained too many winter pounds. While rest of my East coast buddies are braving early summer with flip flops, I am still in covered toes and occasional wedges! Urgh! WTH- It’s been 6 months
June: Finally! Let the summer fun begin! Yay!

Its March now... and I can’t wait for June!! I need one warm day. Today. When I don’t have to layer, cover my daughters face from the breeze and above all breathe a sigh of relief. Another winter gone!

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UmaS said...

OOOH....thats bad....let the savior Sun, come to you fast. :)