Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is it...

More than the Friday's there is one day, rather one evening I look forward to the most nowadays: My Wednesday evenings... They mark the beginning of new traditions- It is a mid week break for all the girls to meet up, chill, catch up, giggle, laugh, be obnoxious, gossip and bitch! Perfect girl’s night. Three weeks in a row... we are on with this. And yes, we return to work the next day with red eyes and caffeine in our systems. But its so worth it.
It’s nothing fancy... it can be ordered in food, or leftover food from the night before or a nice restaurant. What's important is that we meet up. Let our hair down and have a blast. We have had our kids in the next room, hubbies coming in early to pick up the kid before the wild conversations begin. It does not matter. What matters is - We meet up.
Does it get boring? Probably you have not hung out with enough girls. We always have something to say and something to giggle about! It's always fun.
I have gossiped like there is no tomorrow, I have chatted till my jaws hurt, laughed till I peed in my pants, giggled till my voice went bad, and literally 'chillaxed' with my girls.
No rules... call whoever, be wherever, do whatever.... just one thing: Leave worries away! That's my Wednesday nights now!

Girls night is about the hi-fives, the hugs, the blown kisses, the laughter, the cheering, the ooh's, aah's, aawww's and nothing beats the all knowing nod of: "I get it".

As I get dinner and other things ready for hubby and daughter to have their bonding time... I am just looking forward to one thing- My Wednesday for my bonding time with my girls!

To Wednesday's!

PS: The post is going live when I am probaly just chilling with my girls.... Go Figure!


UmaS said...

Thats a really fab, Garima....I too love the chillax time with girl frnds.... :)

Have a blast every wednesday and come here to tell us all abt it....u can pass on some gossip here too.... ;)

Teddy with fangs said...

Really miss our times together :0)
Hopefully I can have a wed nite with you and Rash someday? Wow wouldn't that be something :)