Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Non-Post: Number 2

I know I know.. I have been lazy at writing. I was this close to put up a post and say: "Out of Office, be back in some time"
Some time= when creative juices start flowing again.
But I said... no, that's not fair. to myself and my blog.
I started this blog very whimsically.... and I am thoroughly enjoying it now. So.. i should not put something on back burner just because.
So yes, this once qualifies.. as a non-post. I had a writer's rather blogger's block a while ago... I think that was better worded than this.
I should really stop and not make a bigger fool of myself than I already have. Please bear with this non-post and I promise a more interesting post will come up soon. And meanwhile... feel free to stop by my Mommy In Making blog for some (hopefully fun) reads..


Anonymous said...

happens happens.. :)

UmaS said...

Sometimes a blog break does wonders to you....u might get so many ideas to write inspired. :)