Monday, October 28, 2013

A Date Day is as good as a Date Night

 Recently with the Columbus day holiday, it was perfect. Both Sumit and I had days off. V was to be in school and Little Lady with the nanny.
So we could do one of two things: Either finish off all the projects for the home and errands that have piled up and we have not been able to finish due to work. Alternatively, movie afternoon and no not in the house, but in the theatre.

Needless to say, responsible us chose the latter.
We chose the perfect time, after a heavy, delicious breakfast at home we headed out for Movie Number 1: Gravity 3D. I guess i had high expectations from the movie. But holding hands, enjoying pop corn and hiding in your spouse's shoulder when the meteor comes flying on you is perfect.
After the movie, I was famished. I needed food, so some unhealthy movie theatre food later.
Movie Number 2: Captain Philips. I loved loved loved this movie. It was chilling, real and oh my, Tom Hanks was fabulous and so were the Somali Pirates and so were the scenes and chilling reality of the seas. I was shaking even after the movie.

Yes, we did two movies back to back, such Date-Days come rarely for us, so we try to maximize them. Else date nights, needs a lot more planning- We need the sitter, V to be prepped and explained to why she cant join us. Little Lady to be fed and in bed and above all by the time we are out, we are generally super tired. So days are better, sometimes.

Back to our 'Date-Day': We then rushed to pick up V from school, rushed to come home to relieve the nanny earlier and then picked up the litte one and headed for a family night: Dinner outside. - No one in our family says no to Indian Chinese!
 A perfect date: Time spend reconnecting, laughing and sharing a common theme- Smile.

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