Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kids say the darnest things

I am starting this new label today. With a chatter box around, it was only a matter of time. And I am really hoping as V is growing up REALLY fast, I want to capture this sweet innocence. And yes at some point, hold these stories as ransom for her to oblige!

Point 1:
This weekend, Little Big V, was not in the best of health. It started with a headache and resulted in a full fever, chills etc. Yup, apparantly 5 year olds do get head aches. I didnt know. The three chicas of the house went on a trip to Target for some errands and this is what happened in Aisle 9
Miss V:" I really need to get some coffee for this headache. "

Point 2: We picked up the girls V & her friend M from school yesterday. With two five year olds, its generally random chit chat about this and that. Sumit had played the songs from the movie 'Besharam' for the girls to enjoy
M: What does 'Besharam' mean?
V: It means to not be shy. So I will 'Besharam' all the time.
M: Oh ok, I will tell my mom that I will be 'Besharam' all the time as well.
Both the girls were dead serious, Sumit and I were in splits, the literal meaning went too far.

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