Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seeing the silver line

This past weekend, Sumit was travelling. I was holding the fort with the two kids. I was anxious and excited, two kids by myself, all weekend, alone. I had diligently planned for activities so all of us enjoy.
We had planned, a baking party, a brunch, a kiddie party, a dinner party. But on Friday night, V returned from school with a massive headache and that resulted in fever, chills, tiredness. So all planned stuff went out the window and we stayed home with no park, no TV, no nothing. Yup, not fun.
Looking on the bright side, I did get some 'down time' (Read: In our house hold: Down Time equates to 5 minutes of peace and quiet with no kid demanding attention of ANY sort).
The silver lining. V and I played at least 20 rounds of "Sequence' board games. I love to see V developing the same passion that we have for board games. We did simple craft projects in between her fever spells. We decorated the house in some Halloween delight. It was so much fun to see Little Lady amused by the 'flying ghosts' Little Lady got her round of practicing the crawls, the standing up and the self-feeding. And yes amidst all this we all giggled. A lot. 
I tried my hand at baking experiments- A date cake: Which I dont think I am repeating.
A rhubarb-pear cake: which got over really soon and I am surely going to make it again.
It was so sweet for a dear friend calling time and again and offering to help. It feels good to know and hear a 'I am here for you' message. Sometimes, just a text of 'Can I do something to help' would mean the world.
By 8, I was exhausted EVERY night. I don’t realize how much Sumit helps around. When I had to do it all by myself. It was- Tiring.

But it becoming a lovely girls weekend, I ended it by some TLC for V.
A lovely hair massage, a hair cut followed by V's favorite place for dinner. All for V.

I am glad Sumit is BACK. Phew. AND yes I slept for straight 10 hours once he returned.

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