Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yes I am coining a new word: Haloween-i-fied:
\Pronounced\ Ha-low-eeee-niiii-f-ed
\Meaning\ Haloween activity which never ends....
\Usage\  Excalmation:  I am Haloween-i-fied
Let me explain.
Haloween is celebrated on: October 31

In our house:
Costume Search began: September 14
Costumes bought: September 28
Home decorated: October 5
Pumpkin Patch: October 12
Haloween Part'ies: October 26-27
Pumpkin Carving: October 28,29
Haloween Day: More parties, More Trick or Treating and More... Candy

So today is Haloween and I am Haloween-i-fied!

Our first pumkin carved together- Cutting- Sumit, Scooping- Chatter Box, Carving- Garima, Eating pumkin scopped gooey- Little Lady! 
Decorations in our house.... Flying ghosts, witches, stop-if-you-dare signs.... we went all out

nd of course- On day of Haloween even school lunches get Haloween-i-fied!

Happy Haloween All!

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