Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Last year of being Single Digits: Happy Birthday Miss V

This is her last year of being Single Digits.

She reminds me very frequently and I really don’t want to know. She is turning 9, that is a freaking big deal and now the reminder: 'Last year of Single Digits mummy'

Miss V, Miss Chatterbox, Dadi Maa, Didi, Nunu, Bittu, Vedu, Champion... all different names for this amazing 9 year old!

A very Happy Birthday!

Miss Chatterbox,

I tend to gush about you a lot, you are my first born and you will always be my baby. You are mature beyond your years and extremely observant. But let’s stop time for a minute and really enjoy yourself at 9.

You tell me right now: 'I don’t want to be a teenager soon, since they are so annoying'
(You and me Both!!)... but you are growing, older and wiser. As one of your aunt's told you... you don’t have to be one of those annoying ones!

You takes her role as 'an older sister: didi' really seriously.
There are times I have to remind you- just be an older sister and not a parent! Be your little sister's confidante!
I love watching the two of you play, and as you are growing together, you giggle together when I yell at you. You have your own secrets and little eye rolls.

You were the first kid in all our friends and family and that makes you super loved and adored. It makes you super lucky and yes sometimes you get annoyed being the oldest. It has its own pressure.
I am getting impressed at how you are standing up for yourself and saying: 'I can help so and so at the party, but I rather do this' I do like it. It is such a fine line and you are doing well on it.

Its a mental reminder to let you enjoy being yourself and your age.

You are definitely getting your sense of humor from your father (thank god for that!). You and your papa have started ganging up on me a little bit now.... boo hoo. I giggle and I chuckle and I love that daddy-daughter 'grown up' bond of yours.

My lovely 9 year old. I love you, I yell at you, I snuggle into you, I dance with you, I laugh hysterically with you, I cry with you, I just love you so much!

You are growing up to be this beautiful, kind, sport and above all confident girl.
I love it, you inspire me!


Now, as always, here are the highlights of your year 9!

1. Harry Potter:
You are me are reading this together. We start the book together and all through the five books, you complete it before me! Yes, now we can watch the movies together

2. Swimming:
You joined the Sheridan Swimming league and though we cannot make it all the practices or the swim meets, you are doing well. Your back stroke is the strongest stroke. Thanks to your nana

3. Phone:
You are talking more enthusiastically to your grandparents in India on phone now. There have been a few calls with your friends as well and that is amazing. But no phones till you turn 13 or may be 20!

4. Sleepover:
Yep, my baby you have had your sleepovers this year. Your friends are welcome anytime for a sleepover, but I am sorry you are not allowed to stay over at your friends yet. House Rules. Have your friends over whenever!

5. Foodie:
Oh my gosh, you are a spice lover (Yay!) You will try different things and always want to help me make them at home. Your favorite this year has been 'Kutiyonaam' by your aunt and surprisingly 'Daal Baati' made it back in the list. I am impressed.

6. Soccer:
Yes, I am a soccer mom now and I love it. And yes I think to encourage you more and let your love for the sport continue, I will look for a girls only league for next term. You loved the Secret Santa gift of cleats and shin guards the best!

7. Bike:
Yay, you are riding without training wheels now! And thanks to you, I bought a bike as well. We had fun biking along Lake Shore, in forests, in the park. Looking forward to all our vacations dotted with bike rides

8. India:
This past summer you spend 8 weeks in India with your sister and grandparents. You did get bored a little and saw a lot of TV and bonded well with your cousins, swam a little, travelled a lot. I like your disconnected summers, its 8 weeks of just being chilled!

9. Kumon:
Its worth mentioning this in yearly highlights. Why? Since this is the ONE thing, we have had a lot of water works, yelling matches and drama on. Yes, you don’t like it. at all. However you will be continuing this. It has helped you immensely on the speed element. And logically you do get it, and though you love being the 'Math Champion' in school, you don’t like doing Kumon.

10. Birthday List:
Your 8th birthday was a massive birthday party and then also a bowling party with your friends. And your 9th is a birthday list! You have made a list of things you want to eat/drink/visit and I am so happy that the list is simple and it shows me, you enjoy the little things.

My very kind, gentle heart-ed, inquisitive and lovely young woman.
We wish you a very Happy Birthday

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