Friday, January 27, 2017

Who is more tired???

Imagine the following setting:

Your day started at 6:30, waking up the family, getting ready for school/office and nudging the kids to finish the breakfast 'quickly'. While you mad dash from getting 'game face ready' for office, sip on 'now' luke warm coffee and ensure all the 'winter gear: all 40 minor things needed' are on the tiny kids bodies and yours! This is followed by urging yelling everyone get in the car, driving safely but angrily against the clock to drop kid 1, kid 2, adult 1 to the office and then to adult 2 office.

And then you get home after a full day at 6 pm with over tired and over hungry 4 people of the family.

As you are prepping a 'wholesome dinner' you wonder:

Who is more tired?

Kid 1: The 4 year old who was yelled at first thing in the morning to finish the last bite of oatmeal followed by lots of work cycles in school and playing with 20 other kids. This is then followed by their much awaited weekly activity 'Getting ready for Ice Skating' and yep, you forgot the gloves! When they ask for the cookie, you nudge the banana forward. She comes home after a full day!

Kid 2: The 9 year old who started her day by realizing, oh no i didn't pack my swim or school bag or uniform the night before. So now she is rushing to finish the breakfast, getting the bags, uniforms ready and then being rushed in the car to reach her school 2 minutes before the day starts. She does her grown up school work and is excited for the 1.5 hour swim meet that evening which ensures she is faster than her last time in the lap. She comes home after a full day!

Adult 1: The mom, who is semi-yelling at everyone to get ready, finish the breakfast, sit in the car! Heading into a busy working day, but at least getting time to finish the luke warm coffee in the last leg of the drive. Amidst a wonderful but crazy day, she is mentally managing the family calendar for all the events/ food menus and downtime needed. She comes home after a full day!

Adult 2: The dad, who is trying to calm the mom, trying to be the good cop and making kids rush to complete all morning chores while answering to emails from work already! He quickly starts on his crazy busy day working with his team spread across three continents. He is taking care of all logistical issues around the family schedule, all pending to'do's and he comes home after a full day!

So, now Who is more tired?

Work is work, and is busy for all. But so is school for these kids. They go from work/ lesson to the next and then have their PE/ recess/ jumping around the playground followed by swim/ ice skating. While you outside of work hours are their unpaid chauffeurs driving them, dressing them, undressing them, making small talk with other parents realizing, oh gosh i forgot gloves for the ice skating class. At the same time ensuring they finish the banana/ snack/ milk.

Who is really more tired.... All four of us, i guess!

The evening family dinner is one 'down time' all four of us get where is no pressure (except for finishing what's on your plate). Just enjoying the food and catching up the others with your busy day. This meal is filled with chatter and laughter and giggles and definitely yawns. This one meal in the day makes all of the day's trials and tribulations are totally worth it!

We are all tired but if we are together in it, we can all comfort each other too!

But for the record... I am the 'most tired' today!

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