Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Buddy System

Ever since we were kids, the concept of 'buddy system' existed. Going to the loo in a restaurant, take a buddy. Getting punished in class for being naughty, a buddy gets out with you. In college, the partying night, have a buddy. And then in life as you progress, the buddy system continues.

And it’s a good system to have. There is someone who is accompanying you, has your back and above all: is there.

Why should the "Getting Fit" journey be any different?

For me, Getting Fit is not about losing weight (though it would be an added plus and it is a good indicator), it’s about being active, doing things without being out of breath and above all, being able to enjoy the food without feeling like a glutton. Considering that I am self proclaimed vegetarian foodie and over 50% of my posts are recipes, the last part is really important for me, enjoying the food

Among-st all-the-things-I-have-tried, MyFitness Pal has worked out for me.

Have I lost oodles and oodles of weight, hell no. But do I feel better, stronger and above all more in control of my body. Hell Yes. But I know I have a long way to go still!

For me, its about small steps, so in order to progress and continue this journey, I am doing a buddy system for different elements of the 'Getting Fit' business...

So now I have a buddy, a friend who I nudge and she nudges to continue tracking, just logging what we eat. Every single day. Simple.

So now I have a buddy, my hubby who is competing with me to get to a particular number by year end.

So now I have a buddy, a friend who is my 'workout partner' and we encourage each other to go for another 10 minutes through the class.

So buddy up,  keep logging, keep moving and keep enjoying the process. 

Above All continue to Get Fit. 

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